Starting new pump

Hey there!

I’m starting on my new Tandem 4 insulin pump in two to three weeks and wanted advice. While I’m starting on a new pump, I’m also getting the Dexcom G6 and just wanted people’s opinions. What should I watch out for? Are there any things that are really bad about either one? I haven’t been on a CGM before so it’s all new to me :slight_smile:

Hi Katheryn @hamilton_crazi , happy sailing with your new management system. A bit of advice, although your new pump and sensors will be interactive and the wonderful new software / operating systems have great potential, you will need to still stay aware of “matters diabetes”. Please do not rush and think the “Basal-IQ” and that other new software is going to jump in and just run - it is not “plug 'n play”.

I suggest that during your weeks of waiting that you obtain [download] the operating manuals for both your DexCom and your Tandem tools - read the prologues/introductions and the complete manuals rather than just reading the “quick-start”. There is also an Android app - maybe other apps too - for the Tandem pump which is pretty good for getting a hands-on feel before you get the new pump. Be sure and also download the Dexcom clarity software - I have found the tools in this to be really awesome; studying my Clarity has told me more about how my body reacts to foods and insulin than I had learned in the prior 60+ years living with diabetes.

I’m looking forward to hearing how your new tools work for you.

Hey Dennis!
Thank you for your reply!
This is actually really going to help me, as I hadn’t thought of doing that haha

Thanks again!!

Thanks, Dennis. I just started on the Dexcom cgm and the Tandem pump. It is slower going than I thought. I am eating pretty much of the same foods to try and make sense of the results. Any ideas on what to use to carry the receiver, pump, and my cell phone? I don’t have pockets and would like to keep it on one side of my body. I can still be confused by which device is alarming me. How long do you have to wake up at night to make sure you are in range? Do you have a backup long and short-acting insulin pens, or is there a way around this?
I appreciate any advice. Thanks.

Jane @W7tzn1Ck83e, I’m happy to hear of your integration of the CGM and pump - Tandem will be my next pump as soon as Medicare approves my change from the old “out of warranty” pump I have on now. As for managing your “equipment” be creative and look around the camera department of some large stores - my wife found me a compact case that carries my stuff including a granola bar and PB crackers.

Also, when speaking at a Dexcom representative at a TypeOne meeting, I was given a belt that clips around my waist that has a zipper pocket into which I can put my pump and the Dexcom receiver. In the past for my pump - used especially during a few surgeries, I have used a fabric, Velcro, belt for my pump - bought it at the Medtronic on-line store.

Thanks, Dennis! That’s very helpful. Good luck getting the new pump!