Starting new job on Sunday and nervous about good control!

Hey guys!

So I am starting back at a new job this Sunday. Since my husband has gotten stationed in California I haven't worked, just stayed home and took care of myself and my Diabetes to get it ready for future baby hopefully ;) However, financilally it would be better if I got a job and would give me something to do so I applied and got hired :) I will be working at a little cafe/coffee place at my hubbys work and I will be on my feet, I did similiar work before this and had terrible control! Since we are trying to have a baby its more important than ever to have good control, but I am just very nervous that my numbers will go bad again :( However, this time around I am on a pump and I think that will help me out alot! I was just hoping for some encouragement, feedback, or just suggestions pertaining to my current plight :/

Thanks everyone! You are all so great!

Mariah :)

As long as you're staying on top of testing and eating when you need to, I don't think you should have any problems :) Obviously if they don't know, tell your boss you have diabetes and you may need to stop from time to time. When I worked those kinds of jobs, I made sure I had a good breakfast or lunch before work which really helped me.


You're on the pump and paying closer attention - both of which will be a huge help!  Every change in activity level or schedule, wellness, sleep, allergies, stress level, etc.,  etc., effects our sugars...  The only advice i can give is what you already know -the more you test, the more you know, the faster you can react as things move.  

Look at it this way, since you are planning on having a baby - you need to learn to adjust your blood sugar management to wild schedule changes anyhow ;)

I expect you're going to do great and if you find any bumps along the way, there are always a lot of folks here with various ideas on different approaches and things to try - good luck and keep us posted!




Thanks for the advice, a good breakfast and lunch is a very important thing to remember, and I plan on telling them this Sunday, my first day! Hope it turns out ok!



 Thank you so much! i really am hoping everything will just be great, and I'm sure it will all work out ok, I just want to be a good employee and not have to worry so much :/ I really like your thinking though about learning to adjust my sugars to the wild schedule changes! :) That makes me feel good! :) I really feel like it will be ok, I have peace about it but theres always that little voice in the back of your head saying "what if" ya know?

Thanks both of you!

Mariah :)

Just had to say I was up in that area when I was in the Army. Of course that fort is gone Ft. Ord Co.A 7th S & T Bn. 1975-1977. LOL

Good Luck at the new job!!


I am going to offer up one final note on the "what if" front - the simple answer is this:  Consider all that you have been able to handle, learn and overcome in your life to this point and then ask back to the what if - what are the odds that you won't be able to find a reasonable solution? - My bet is any trouble that may arise will be well within your wheel-house where handling it is concerned.  Trust yourself (and never your blood sugars, lol - test, test,  test) -

I'm looking forward to hearing from you as your story continues to unfold!




It's funny that you said that because we actually live in Fort Ord! They have remodeled the houses and there are a lot of them now! However, we have driven by many run down ones that are completely abandoned and sectioned off to be torn down. It's so cool to look back and see what used to be here, it is such a beautiful place to live :)

A-D :)

Thank you so much for your positive and encouraging words! You are right, I am just going to have to jump in with both feet and if something arises then I will deal with it at that time, chances are everything will be ok :) This really made my day, you saying this and gave me hope for other areas of my life dealing with Diabetes, such as having a baby :) I really really needed to hear that :)

Thank you so much!