Scary news, what so you think?

When looking at a surge in cases of type one and many other autoimmune diseases, scientist are posing that environmental factors are having more to do with this disease then genetics. I tend to agree, however not with the environmental factors names in this article and the other ones published today.

I'm putting my bet on the work by Dr. David Elliott, and MANY other researches. I have an old post to an article on that research posted here.

Here is a short version of the article on the massive expected rise in type 1 diabetes.

A surge in cases of insulin-dependent diabetes among children under five is expected to hit Europe over the next 11 years.

If present trends continue the numbers in 2020 are predicted to be double what they were four years ago, say experts.

Around 15,000 new cases of Type 1 diabetes were recorded across the whole of Europe in 2005.

Of these, 24% were children up to the age of four, 37% children aged five to nine and 34% children aged 10 to 14.

Researchers found that the overall incidence of the disease was increasing by 3.9% per year.

The increase in the 0-4 age group was 5.4%, with a 4.3% rise in the 5-9 age group and a 2.9% increase among 10 to 14-year-olds.

A total of 24,400 new cases were forecast for 2020, with a doubling in the number of cases of children aged five and under since 2005.

Numbers of child sufferers older than five were also expected to increase substantially.

Scientists say the changes are too fast to be explained by genetic factors alone.


I think a number of people are looking for the reason the rates are increasing and everyone has a theory.  I think it is probably a combination of events.  One article I saw a while back suggested that the increase in sunscreen and an overall focus on reducing sun-exposure may be to blame due to the importance of Vitamin D in preventing the disease.

Great catch and thanks for posting this!



buh, it is so mind boggling how many theories there are on how this disease manifests.

In my opinion here are the things I think cause type 1 diabetes: diet, vaccines, viruses and environmental factors.

Hi Surfing Mama,I clicked on this from the members I can't tell which group this was posted in.There is a recipe group and a diet/nutrition group you could ask this in-if you have not noticed it yet.I would love to hear any tips you have on things you make to cut carbs....Stevia,I have heard of it,but never tried it-does it taste like sugar or something you just have to build up a taste for ? Thank


Hi momkennedy,I'd like to read about that if you have a link.Thanks for this !

i use agave syrup it has 1/3 the affect on the blood sugar that honey, or refined sugar does. it is really delicious not to mention good for you. i use it in everything it is not thick like honey but it is really runny. i like to put a little in peanut butter and put it on toast.yum

Wow, I've never heard of that happening. Have you asked your endo about it? Are you doing anything differently when you're happy versus sad, like eating differently? I hope you get things under control and feel better soon!

It is probably the other way around, when your sugars are higher you are high energy and good mood, and when your sugars are lower or low your bad shows up.  This is a good indicator for you if you recognize them.  When you get on the pump those will go away except for the normal stuff, and it doesn't sound like you get many of the normal stuff yet.

That probably makes sense Jeff! Thanks:)

And as for eating differently, nope. Been steady with thst for a,while. Ill figure it out soon! Just really hoping im not alone on this

I usually don't feel well when my sugars are high, and I get grouchy - but other times, all I want to do is use the freedom highs give me! I mean come on, right? When you're high you don't have to worry about going low, so it;s THISCLOSE to being a person without diabetes. :/

Asha, sounds your blood sugars are usually high, so that feels normal.  So when your levels are lower then it feels like a low blood sugar, whether you're really low or not.  Just trust you meter and try to tough out the bad feelings when your blood sugar is normal.  Your body will soon adjust.

My husband saw an extreme example of this once.  He saw a man collapse in the parking lot of a drug store and went to help.  The guy looked and acted like he was having a low blood sugar and the man's family confirmed he was diabetic.  When the man tested, his blood sugar was 500.  BUT he'd just been released from the hospital with a blood sugar of 1,200.  His body was used to having a higher set point.  At 300 he had the same physiological response as anyone else would have with a low blood sugar.    


The kind of symptoms you described sound pretty much how most of the people in this forum have felt at one point or another. Usually when you run higher your mood will tend to be irritable and sometimes sad. Talk to your doctor about it, getting your numbers out of the high range definitely can help your mood. I know that from personal experience!


recently I saw an article about how (im going to butcher it) karentoids reduce the damage that high blood sugars produce. So I have been trying to sneek in brocoli, spinach, kale..... its not easy when he wont volunteerly eat it.

Ohh and my idea of Mission tortillas carb safe at 7 carbs.. with cream cheese or peanut butter inside...

i still havent found flavored stevia but i will hopefully at a store called henrys.