Hey there -

Has anyone done this exercise program ??

I'm concerned about the nutrition !!

If I'm thinking of the right one, I have a friend who has done the workout part but not the nutrition part.  She really liked the workout and had good results, but the time commitment ...... about an hour and a half...... was a lot to dedicate.  I actually like the 30 Day Shred video from the Biggest Loser.  Three levels and takes 20 minutes a day.  Started working very quickly.......and makes me work!

I'll have to look into that 30 Day Shred video.  I barely have enough time as it is, I don't see how I could fit in an hour or more with the P90X.  I hear it is great though.

I did it last year, but I pretty much ignored the diet part since I was pretty comfortable with my diet.  I think following the diet instructions in that book would be harder than the actual workouts.

The gist of the diet plan is (in 3 phases)

1. Lower carb, high protein to shed weight early on

2. Increase carb intake

3. Carb/calorie load for maximum growth

There's nothing fancy about it.  You could be religious and follow the day to day diet plan, or you could just abide by those principles and do a diet that meshes with your diabetes and be good.

I don't think there's anything else to be worried about.  Protein powders can be your best friend after intense strength-training workouts like p90x to help the body recover.  Let me know if you have any more specific questions.

Thanks guys.

A few friends of mine tried PX90 and had great results.  I'm just concerned about the nutrition b/c I'm suppose to watch my protein intake.

Im really thinking about taking Jillian's DVD.  I'll keep you posted.

@Loreli17~ I do really like Jillian's DVD.  It has three levels, so you can start at where ever your fitness level is.  I was surprised that I started noticing results after the first week.  Pretty cheap, too.  I picked it up at Target for $8.  px90 is a great workout.....I just knew I wouldn't devote the time.  Ideen's post about the nutrition is right on about the basic principles of the px90 nutrition.  Good luck!

I haven't done the "official" P90X nutriton plan, however I'm training for an all natural-drug free bodybuilding competition right now and my diet is very similar to waht P90X teaches and is actually even more clean than what P90X discusses. My insulin requirements is extremely decreased right now. My basal rates are much lower and insulin-carb ratios are also vastly decreased. So I would say to give the P90X exercise rouine and diet a try. Just be sure to monitor your sugars frequently to make sure you're not experiencing any extremely lows.

Thanks guys.

PX90 users: Are any of u really sensitive to exercise ??  I take my pump off 1/2 an hour before I exercise and take it off during exercise and again for another 1/2 hour afterwards.  In addition, I did a little experimenting yesterday and I was 260 before I exercised (i know i know - i shouldn't exercise when i'm that high ...but again I was experimenting) and I was on the eliptical for about 25 to 30 minutes and when I tested myself... I was 76 ...

Anyone ?