The groups that relate to this don't seem to be active so I'm going to ask this here.


I've got exercises my phsyio's given me to do at home, I go to the gym and I do Groove & Yoga once a week..but I still need some help with my core strength because none of it seems to be enough. I'm not good with doing this myself because I'm not really sure what to do and the gym I go to only has core classes during the day while I'm at work across town.

I'm looking for a DVD that I can put in a couple times a week for 10-20mins at a time that either only focuses on core strength, or gives me the option to choose only to do that portion. I don't want anything intense like 90X or those types of fitness "programs", just something that I can do a couple times a week on top of everything I'm not really sure what to get.

Rather than go out and blindly pick a DVD from the store, I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations?

P90X, Insanity, and pretty much any pilates videos are really great! :)

P90X has a 16 minute core video and I'm pretty sure it has the option to only do that one instead of the whole series of videos. I hope this is helpful.

I'll have to look into that..depends on how intense it is. If it's easier on the body than the actual program, that might work! thanks :)

I don't do the program, just the core exercise video in my gym class sometimes. It works pretty well :)


I strongly recommend a pilates video. I use Hard Core conditioning, and I love it.

I love to use Jillian Michaels yoga for fitness. its a great workout without the over straining of your body. Also, if you're interested, fun core workout dance videos. They are great to have more of a fun workout :)