Pumps/T-Slim vs. Medtronic

My son is an active 15 year-old and looking at pumps. He would like to get the T-Slim Pump. Most people we know are on the Medtronic. Does anyone have any comments about the T-Slim? Thanks in advance.

hi @Kris_Adam,

i usually say “pumps are pumps are pumps” so pick the one you like. Pumps sold in the US are regulated by the FDA and so they all have safety and manufacturing controls and so the manufacturers can actually prove what they say. If you pick any pump sold in the US, you have that.

Medtronic has most of the market share → they are the biggest and are a viable company and they will likely still be making and servicing pumps and warranties in 20 years, even though insulin pumps are not hugely profitable. J&J (“Animus”) are 2nd in this line - and with J&J backing the company it also make them huge, and then come all the other pump manufacturers.

I chose Medtronic because the pump design was “okay” and I felt that it was the most stable company, and I have a particular dislike for J&J as an organization…and that’s pretty much it.

there was some talk here on TON here’s a link to that discussion


Check insurance (pumps and supplies are horrendously expensive) to see if they have “formulary” or if one manufacturer is preferred over another… and what your DME deductible might be for each pump, sometimes the manufacturer reps help you with this, sometimes they don’t.

I think you should be okay with t’slim… if your son agreed to use it and had input then that’s a plus. good luck.