New Pump Process - 670g vs Omnipod

Hi Everyone-
I’m new to this community but have really enjoyed everyone’s feedback regarding support, pumps, exercise etc…

With that said, I am in the process of getting a new pump. I am a former Medtronic user (not sure of the model- I used it in 2007-2009) and then an Omnipod user in 2013-2014. I have been off an insulin pump since 2014 and only doing injections.

I am now ready to get back on an insulin pump after a few years of not dealing with my health and the mental health issues that came with being diagnosed at 18.

When I learned I had great health insurance that was willing to get me a brand new pump basically free, I jumped on the chance to get the Medtronic 670g. It has been approved and they actually shipped it to me…

Here’s the dilemma. I have had a horrible, terrible, rotten experience with their customer service and it has completely turned me off to them. They dropped the ball several times along the way and did not care at all about me. I truly felt I was just a number to them and not an actual customer. I specifically told them that this was the time that the customer service should be elevated and if this was a sign of the customer service to come, then I was no longer interested in their 670g.

So I have taken a moment to gather myself and decide what I want to do. And I am looking for recommendations.

A little about me. I am extremely active and athletic. I workout basically 7 days a week and run anywhere from 8-15 miles 3-4 times a week. I am a gym rat. Eat healthy. Spend a lot of time outside playing tennis, volleyball, basketball etc…

I am hoping to get opinions on the best pump for me… I see a lot of people have issues with the Medtronic pump anyway (on top of the terrible customer service) and I am wondering what other options/recommendations people might have for someone like me and my lifestyle.

The reason I stopped using the omnipod was because it had so many issues with the pods breaking (this was in 2013) and i was losing insulin in the pods, constantly replacing the pods etc… and it also turned me off. I can’t speak on their customer service though.

Anyway- I am looking for advice/opinions/feedback. Anything is helpful and I am open to hearing from anyone.

Thank you all so much!

In unity,

Hey Robert!
The struggle with finding the right pump can be aa hard one, I know I still have yet to find one after 15 years of having T1D. For me, I find different pumps suit me at different points in my life. I have basically used just about every pump out there!

I am currently on a “pump break” and using injections for the time being. Previously, I was using the OmniPod. Speaking from experience, I love it. I don’t know if things have changed since you used it in 2013, but I find the pods rarely malfunctioned or caused too much trouble. On the customer service front, I feel as though OmniPod has the best. They are always available, and willing to help with any problems. From sending you a new PDM in a day, to replacing a box of pods that seem to be giving you trouble. They are always extremely kind and punctual. Also, in January they are upgrading to the Omnipod Dash, compatible with your smart phone and a redesigned PDM. Then towards the end of 2019 there is talk of the OmniPod Horizon, designed to interact with the Dexcom.
For an active lifestyle like yours, after trying all pumps, I do think it’d be an option to try the Pod once again. It leaves you free of wires, an actual pump when exercising, and the adhesive on the pod is one of the strongest of all sites, as to not be interrupted by activity and sweat.

Also, if you don’ t have a Dexcom yet, I highly recommend it, especially with an active lifestyle! It’s helpful to see your trends and be alerted when your blood sugar is changing, allowing you for early intervention to a high or low. And, it can also be connected with a smartphone and shared with others and your doctor!

I hope this advice has given you an idea to think about and possibly try! Good luck on your pump journey!


Hi Robert @SportsguyTX21, it is good to look at all available options - there is more than the 670G and Pod.
On June 21, 2018 the FDA approved for use in the USA the system composed of Dexcom G6 monitor with the Tandem t-Slim - a system proven to be the most accurate and “hands-off”. No, I don’t have this yet mainly because it is too cost-effective by Medicare standards.

I used injections for insulin for 47 years before getting my first pump in 2004 and I’ve only used Medtronic where I’ve found very good customer support. I know there are many complaints posted by people dissatisfied with the 670G but from what I see and people I’ve met who have used this Medtronic “closed loop” system for years there are many more satisfied users than those who are having difficulties.

What ever system you choose, be certain that you read the entire User Manual before the product comes through your door. Make sure that you are ordering that which best suits your active life-style; and also make certain that you let the system “learn” you before expecting to lice a carefree hands-off life.

There also are some other systems in the pipeline, look at them if you are not in a big hurry to get something new. A very reliable 90 day implantable glucose monitor was also approved by the FDA this month. At this point, I believe that Medtronic is the only pump manufacturer which employs a propriety communications - meaning for us, that for closed loop systems we need to use Medtronic glucose monitors.

Give the 670 a chance. I’m not going to excuse Medtronic’s poor customer service toward you but I personally have had pretty good customer service from them. Spend some time reading through the manual and speak with a Medtronic trainer to train you in. Get yourself an accessory that allows you to wear the pump in a secured fashion while playing sports and see how that works for you.