Pump site problems

Hi, so I just started on animas a week ago, and I switched from minimed. So far the change has been pretty easy except that the boluses are given a lot faster than on my other pump and my site normally stings. I don't know if it is because of how fast it is, or if I'm just putting in the set wrong, I'm on the inset, the one that goes in straight. Has anyone else had this issue? How did you fix it? oh, and on a sidenote, I do have the bolus speed set to slow.

I just started my animas a week ago too. It stung and then today, I changed my site, it stopped stinging. And I haven't done anything different.

i was having this problem too (sporadically). last month, I took one of those free webinars with tips about infusion sites and in passing the moderator said it was because the canula was close to a nerve. The session was great, but that was the best thing that I learned! I had thought maybe the insulin was old or the canula was too long, but it the closeness to the nerve made perfect sense. she suggested changing sites, but it doesn't bother me enough to do that (I think that can be an expensive habit!) although I would definitely change it if was painful right when I inserted. Hope that helps!

Go to set up advanced 2nd screen there is a delivery option, set it to slow. Personally I like how fast it goes in but it does sting occasionally. If you change the speed I think you'll be fine

Also it's not the site I use the angled one and it stings on occasion too.

I have the one touch ping animas pump, and it does sting sometimes. It isn't because of the speed of the insulin pump, but sometimes your pump cannula can be hitting a nerve or a capillary. If you start feeling a sting, you should change the site, because blood can get backed up in the tubing, and cause an occlusion/blockage for the insulin to get through to the bloodstream.

I have had the same issues and have found that changing the site location and inset type has helped significantly. I also find that sometimes the way I am sitting or laying as the insulin goes in makes it sting more. I have also found that rubbing around the site helps too. Good luck!

Some sites sting, while others don't. Its weird, I know. You could change the delivery from normal to slow (I did this because of the same problem)

I'm so glad I found this forum! I'm new to the pump, on the Animas Ping and I love it. But I just changed my site and it has been stinging and I could not figure out why. I am a lot more clear now and glad I came across this. I now plan on changing sites in the morning to hopefully stop some of the stinging. I'm so grateful for this networking site for help! :D

If the bolus delivery is set to slow, you may need to animas.  Are you using the long or short infusion set needles?  In the beginning I had problems with the infusion sets as well until I followed the instructions to the t, including keeping pressure on the center of the set when actually injecting.  

I've actually switched to the comfort short, which is angled and it works much better =) thanks for the advice

So overall how do you guys like the Animas Pump?