Pump and cgm pouches

My daughter is getting the new Dexcom G6. She currently uses a small pouch for her animas ping pump and we keep the small G5 receiver nearby. She will be going to school and will need to have her pump and cgm receiver on her person. Any suggestions on a product that isn’t going to overwhelm her 4 year old petite body?

We have used Hipssister and PocketPlus. My daughter loved the Hipssisters (https://hipssister.com/collections/best-sellers/products/reversible-color-left-coast-hips-sister-waist-band) when she was 5-8/9, now she loves the PocketPlus (https://thepocketplus.com), but she puts her pump AND cell phone in it, so she needed a bigger one and didn’t want it “on” her body, so now this is her favorite. Hope it helps! :-):grinning:

I will have to check where I found my 5 year old’s son’s he is very petite and really didn’t want much to deal with when he had his receiver for his G6 dexcom. Amazon has a lot of companies that sell them, but just beware as with little is hard to find a good waist size. My son met a teenage girl that prefers to use running belts and she cuts a small hole in the bottom for her pump.