Need bag to hold phone and dexcom

My 4 year daughter is going to start preschool in September. We need a fanny pack or bag for her to carry a phone and dexcom with her. Does anyone know of any good ones for kids that could fit a large phone. All of this is very overwhelming!
Thank you.

A runners waist pack that you clip around the waist might work for her, or a waist pack you might wear when on vacation for you phone & wallet?

Hi. Another poster had mentioned the SPI (small personal item bag). I took note of it for my daughter when she is ready for a CGM and/or pump. I attached the website post which shows all sorts of pretty options. I know they are sold on Amazon as well. I can’t personally recommend it, but it sounds perfect for a child. My best to you.

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Thank you both.
I tried a spibelt, it fits the dexcom g5 well, but wont fit a phone. She needs a phone to share her blood sugar with me during the time she is away from me. I know there is a large spibelt bag for adults, but doesn’t fit a 4 year old.

I have a Nike running belt that is just large enough for my Galaxy S8 and Dexcom. It is adjustable in size, but may need a slight modification to fit snugly on a 4 year old.

My 10 year old carries all her supplies in the “CARQI Sling Bag Waterproof Shoulder Backpack Crossbody Purse for Hiking Camping Men and Women” from Amazon. It works very well!

My son used to use the amphipod. That worked well for holding 2 devices, and it’s stretchy

My granddaughter, now 8 years old, has used this product for her Dexcom and Omnipod since starting school. The elastic had to be taken in as she was so little. The belt wears very well. I have seen many different brands and styles. I hope this helps.

Have you heard about myabetic? She makes wonderful bags and wallets specially designed with diabetics in mind.


Yes , as the parent of a 14 yr old & begining of adolescence, with ADHD on top of his T1D , life is a whirlwind & the high blood sugars put him in a moody , crazy & sometimes mean mood. It’s difficult at times , we just work on getting the levels down as fast as we can . He’s on the Medtronic 670g . Sometimes with his sensor on . It’s a wild ride , I must say

We found one from the store Justice !Lots of glitzy and hot pink!

what model did you get of the amphipod? my son keeps setting his dexcom and phone devices down and forgets about them.