Spy Belts?

My almost 11 year old daughter just started on her first CGM a few weeks ago. Will probably go with omnipod pump over the summer. She almost always wears leggings and hardly even has pockets. Although she carries a purse when she’s out, she doesnt need it in the house.
I’m looking for suggestions on different spy belts or pouches for her to carry the receivers in.
Any websites or sources I can check?

Thanks, in advance.


Go to Amazon and type in the words “sport belt insulin pump”, and lots of options will come up. Some are specifically kid-sized if she’s on the smaller side.

We have bought the phone pouches typically used for phones when jogging. We use the Dexcom G5 and an iPhone so it works well. You may need to cut a hole in one of them, if you decide against the Omni. I find them at Burlington and Ross for $5-$10. the one I linked to has a headphone port, which could be used for tubing if you decide to go with a traditional pump setup.


Tip though, I would order several…they get gross and sweaty and need time to dry. also, they break pretty frequently.

Also, our daughter gets tired of them, so we give her the option of purse, pocket or pouch.