Problems with the school, yet again

Ok, so here is my situation.  My daugter is in the 7th grade (almost 13) and they have a field trip where they will go on a 2 mile hike have lunch, some hang out time, the a 1/4 mile walk back to the bus.  Now normally I would go on the field trip with her, but 4 days before the trip I am going in for surgery.  After I found out about the field trip I contacted her teacher,  school councelor, and the principal to let them know I would not be able to go and someone would have to cover for her.  The teacher contacted me and said didn't I have another family memeber or friend that could go?  Well the people who know a little about how to deal with all of this work during the day, and her dad owns his own business and cannot just close shop to go on a field trip.  So after going back and forth with the school I found out her best friends mom is going, and is willing to come learn everything I can teach her and watch over Casie for the field trip.  My question to all you parents out there is:  I have a 504 plan set up at the school that says someone needs to go on the field trips to make sure Casie is safe.  I decided not to fight with them anymore (due to everything else going on right now), but I have drafted a rather to the point letter that says how upset I am at how this was all handled.  But then I wonde if I should just let it be and fight the battle when the next outing comes along.  What do you guys think?

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If you have a 504 plan they have to have a nurse go with them if you cannot go! That is a federal law. I checked this out, if they do not have a nurse go, the school district can be held liable. My daughter is 14, I did not know about a 504 plan until this year so I checked into it. NOT just someone but a school nurse has to go. My daughter's class is going to Washington, D.C. in May, there is another child who also has diabetes who is in her class. His mother and I spoke to the "teachers" who are chaperoning the trip, and they were completely stumped when I asked why there had never been a registered nurse with them on such an extensive trip. Since we both have a 504 plan, I received a call in January informing me that the school nurse is now in fact, going with them. I am going to D.C. with the other mom but not as a chaperone because we are not an employee of the school district. We be there just in case they will need us. Both are on Omnipod pumps and the nurse does not know a damn thing about it. If you have problems with this I would suggest talking to the Board of Education or Superintendent, to get action. Good luck!!

Go for you Nancy! yeah 504 plans are good, getting the school to read them is the fun part....

My daughter's  school has part time nurse.  She is in our school once a week otherwise she is on her own. I have gone around and round with the school.  It is very frustating.  I would like them to all get training during a teachers institue day but  I doubt that will happen.  She called me one day and was incoherent and low.  So I talked to the secretary and asked that she not be left alone and to check her sugars in 15 minutes an call me back.  45 minutes no call so I called th school the principal answered the phone. I asked where my daughter was and he sid hetought at lunch.  I then asked if she checked her sugar.   He said he didn't know.  He went to get her and I asked her if she checked her sugar and sh said no the secretary never told her to and she went to do something for the principal.  I flipped out. I went and had a meeting and let them know that it was serious and if they couldn't take care of her I would call the health dept. an when she was low my son who was a soph would get out of school and get her and take her home and they would not only lose money for he but him also.  They dd call me when she gt low from then on.

I have the same problems every time my daughter starts a new school…so here we go again as she starts high school this year. I had so much trouble with her middle school that I contacted the Compliance and Investigations director. You can also contact your district’s Ombudsman. Fight the good fight and do not let up. Nancy is absolutely right on with this. It is the law. They are hoping that we’ll just drop everything and do their job for them because most of the staff do not want to deal with it. I have Health Services on speed dial and I have to contact them regularly at the start of each new school year. They know me by first name now and I’m fine with that.