Problems with Scar Tissue

Hello All,

I am new to this form as I was recommended to join by my endo and see if anyone has a solution for the problem I am facing. I have been using a pump for almost 10 years and am starting to have problems with absorption due to scar tissue building up. I am wondering if anyone has a method of trying to reduce scar tissue, besides rotating pump sites around, such as different massages or ? . I am currently on a break from the pump and am taking shots to give my body a break. I am totally open to any suggestions you all may have.


Hi Travis @Fiesta007,

I wish I could help you because right now I’m having the same experience which actually put me in the hospital two weeks ago with hyperglycemia that I was struggling to correct. I’ve been using a pump since January 2005 and been T1 since 1957; I’ve always been very particular rotating sites but expect now everything in my normal range is scared.

Tight now, I’m using the back side of my biceps which appears to work fine and I’ve set a new rotation schedule using biceps and lower back - both sides. Much more difficult to reach for me - picture an old guy playing contortionist - but my wife of 50+ years says she may try the insertion for me - she has not yet given me any insulin.

Tomorrow I’m planning on calling Medtronic and talk with someone about their new infusion sets that have dual or multiple cunulae.

Hello. I feel your pain. Been pumping a long time with similar problems. My wife is a physical therapist they do a soft tissue release technique called graston technique. It work!!! Graston Technique | IASTM Courses, Soft-Tissue Therapy
Check it out. You can buy generic tools and break up the scar tissue yourself by doing this.
Good luck

I had typically used the area just to the outside of the 2 in radius around my navel, butt I’ve had to move further out. I’m using upper abdomen, just under the ribs and the sides (obliques). I can’t use hips, butt, thighs because the cannula or tape irritates the flesh, but I haven’t tried back of arms yet. I’m hoping my vacation from my favorite area will allow the scar tissue to break up enough.

Thanks also for the link to your wife’s method a