Finding infusion sites with scar tissue!?

I’m back! I’m still off my pump til Thursday, not happy. My question is for those of us who have had T1D for over 40 yrs, finding infusion sites without scar tissue? Will there come a time when I need to go back to daily injections? Where do you all find good alternative sites other than the midrif, that you can easily disconnect by yourself?? I’m sure my stomach will not last as long as I do.
Love all your advice…

@Kiwigirl - here’s the choices!


hope it helps

Yes it helps, but how does one connect and disconnect infusion sites on their rear!! Most will need the aid of another. Can u use infusion sites on your legs and arms? since my CGM is usually there?! Or is this for injections only?

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I happen to use the top of my butt all the time. I can either slap the set in (blind) or use the “auto serter”. The introducer needle comes out one handed or I reach around my back and hold the set with one hand while pulling out the needle with my other hand. There’s really no need to actually see it. The only PIA (sorry but the pun was intended) is if you rip a set out and it’s a “bleeder”, you may not see it right away.

some CGM require a specific spot… so use that spot if it is required. A CGM sensor has to be more than 3 inches away from the infusion site. If you put the CGM on the back of one arm, use the back of the other arm for the infusion set site.

Unless required by the CGM, the sites in the picture will work for injections, infusion sets, and CGM.

Thanks Joe, Well I guess I need to learn to slap it in!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: I’m not as adept at disconnecting for showering without seeing it​:roll_eyes: or doing it one handed! But I must find some new spots. :+1:

I have been type 1 for 73 years, and I have a lot of scar tissue, mostly on my upper abdomen. I cannot use that part of my body now.
I am using my lower ab, below the navel, and my upper legs starting about half way between the knees and hips all the way to the hips. That works for me, and I do not have any new scar tissue.

i have been a tyle one diabetic for 47 years, and just 8 months ago went back to injections from a pump. scar tissue was becoming an issue and causing all linds of problems. Not sure what my next move will be…using a feeestyle libre (which i love), and taking injections again. took some getting use to, but lime anything, you adjust. in the next few months my endo and i will reexamine where i ma in reguards to scar tissue and decide what route to take. if you get any good advice i would appreciate it if you pass it along.

Hello, I have been type 1 for a bit over 42 years. I started pumping 15 years ago and CGM 11 years ago. I am fairly thin and never used my abdominal area due to discomfort and scarring. I also never considered using the upper arm due to my line of work. I have been using both legs and the upper rear end exclusively. I must say that I am starting to have a bit of trouble finding areas that are not too scarred…always having 2 infusion sets in does take up a lot of real estate. I also find that the legs (upper thigh) for me is less sensitive to the infusion set pain. I insert my pump infusion set free hand, because I have skinny legs (some would say I have chicken legs), and need to go in at an angle…the thigh seems to scar less. Hope this helps.

I have the same problem for disconnecting my TSlim for the shower - I cannot reach if the site is on certain places on my butt or flank, though I can reach them to insert. It was much easier when I had the Medtronic Quick Set as you can just twist off and on instead of needing 1 hand to squeeze and the other to hold. Sure wish I could still use that set.

Is the medtronic quick set usable on all pump models? That sounds a lot easier as I have the same issue with disconnecting. I have the 670G. Hows urcT slim otherwise? Was thinking of switching some time due to the slimmer pump.

It is no longer available with Tandem pumps as they changed the design to only fit with their infusion sets. You can probably find out on Medtronic website if Quick Set still available. I sure wish is it were for me!

I’ve had T1 50 yrs and I’ve been having bent cannulas by using the Quick Sets, so they are still available. Medtronic told me to get the auto serter. Legs often seem a better site choice, but it takes longer for the insulin to work from there. Right now I’m temporarily (I hope) using shots because I can push the needle right in. Is tandem X infusion set easier to insert if not used on butt?

I have had T1D for 66 years and have used a pump since '93 and a CGM for the past year. I understand your concerns. I use my “love handles.” I reach back as far as I can on the sides and it seems to help. I have read that you can use your buttocks, I plan to ask at my next Dr. visit.