Very Bad Scar Tissue May Eventually Heal Itself

I had several highs in the 140-200 range before I started pumping. I did not know the reason for that. My pumping started in June, 2007, and I still had highs while placing my sites on my upper abdomen. I thought my pump was defective and called the Minimed hotline. They asked if I rotated my sites. I did not what they were talking about. At no time during my first 62 years of injections did I hear about site rotation. I then realized I had scar tissue and it was a very young lady from Minimed who told me about it. I began using other body parts and the highs stopped. That was wonderful! I rotated between my lower ab and upper legs and had very good control. Every few months I tried my upper ab again, but the absorption was still poor, and the highs would return. I stopped experimenting with my upper ab in late 2008, and assumed the scar tissue was permanent.

Nine days ago I placed an infusion set about 1.5 inches above the level of my navel. I had good absorption. I thought it might be a coincidence? I have now placed four infusion sets on my upper ab and all of them have worked perfectly. It seems that the 4 year wait has caused my scar tissue to heal itself. I will admit that I have not yet tried to use levels more than 1.5 inches above my navel, but I think higher levels will also be good. The area I am using now had a lot of scar tissue s recently as late 2008. I was beginning to have slower absorption on my lower ab and upper legs. Perhaps there was some scar tissue slowly developing there. If my upper ab has healed I will have a lot of new territory to use, and that will help my lower ab and upper legs get more time to heal.

I thought other people here who have scar tissue might like to hear this. Both MDI and pump users may experience scar tissue and poor absorption unless site rotation is used consistently.

Wow!  That is very good news.

That's great that you've been able to make use of some of those areas again and you've helped me stop stressing a little bit about running out of skin for infusion sites.  Pumping is great, but hard on the skin.

Richard did you ever have skin problems back when only beef/pork insulins were available.  In the 70's my doctor told me if I used the same site the skin would cave in because of impurities int he insulin.  But I've never heard of a diabetic actually experiencing it. 

No Jenna, I have never experienced the caving in problem, but I have heard of it. While on MDI for 62 years, mostly on my upper ab, I would have bad numbers after some injections, mediocre after others, and OK numbers too. I think it was determined by which spot I picked. The scar tissue is not visible, and I knew nothing about it until Dec, 2007. I was getting "No Delivery" alarms on my MM 522 pump while using my upper ab in late 2007. The old disposable syringes had much longer needles than the 6 mm needles on my infusion sets. and the deeper penetration may have resulted in some absorption. The short needles on my Sure-T's were probably located in the scar tissue. That may have been part of my problem after starting pumping.