Pop: Diet or regular?

Lo. Just curious. Do you like deit or regular pop? Deit, I find, is more conveinent. No insulin. So I'd been drinking only deit for like more than a year at one point. I then tried a regular orange crush pop. My reaction: Holy crap!!!! This stuff is good! It doesn't turn to foam in your mouth! What's with that?? so ya. ^_6

NONE! i dont like pop. i tried one of the less fizzy pops and i still thought how can people stand this! its so fizzy that i camt taste a thing!

so... no pop for me. and that seems to be a good thing.

i drink diet. i will never go back to regular. even if they find a cure. diet just tasts better and zero has diet flavoring even though they say it tasts like regular its diet. they just want you to think its regualr and then youll think it tasts like regular pop. i found that out recently. lol but yeah no regular pop for me =]

see i actually prefer diet over regular coke. though i hate both of them. I like both I guess, but diet is more conveinent. Zero coke tastes too syrupy.

after a while of drinking diet i have found if u go 4 years on just diet... if u drink a reg... u throw up     alot

Definitely Diet!!! I really don't even notice the difference anymore!!!

eww.. iv never thrown up  from it, then again, i havn't been diabetic for four years yet. well i'll keep that in mind.

i drink diet.
i don't have to take insulin, and it doesn't run my sugar up.

I have diabetes since i was 14 months old, and im not allowed to have regular. So i havent ever had regular before, so. . . . i like diet :)

i usually just drink diet..its just easier. but i totally agree with you!! orange and grape soda is just TOO good! haha and they dont even have diet grape soda!!

am i the only one who doesnt like pop?

no your not the only one who doesnt like pop. i will drink it but i usually prefer not to. i dont like the carbonation, the fizz makes me sneeze! but when i drink it i pretty much always drink diet.

by does not drink pop i meant like never ever. i have tried it a couple times and it was so bad and fizzy and felt like the fizzy stuff was going to come out my nose and stuff. by does notdrink pop i meant like absolutely never.(exept when trying it)

I love both!! I drink diet if its just during the day, but if I'm having more to eat with it I have regular, especially with the risk of aspartame poisoning!!

yay someone else who doesn't like soda!!!  i don't drink soda at all, but if i did, i would probably drink diet, or fresca, which i do like but wouldn't want a lot. 

i like diet way more. After having diabetes for 6 years i think regular drinks are way way to sweet

i've never really been a big pop drinker, but when i do, i drink diet . i drank mostly diet before i found out i had diabetes as well, so it wasn't a big change . =)

I've been drinking diet pop since I was diagnosed at 5, and the fact that you don't need to waste insulin when you drink it is the main reason I choose it. I drink regular if I'm low or want a treat.