They gave me regular pepsi

I went to boston pizza a week ago, ordered a diet pepsi and so did my boyfriend ( a non diabetic). it was later in the evening so i didnt order anything to eat. Ive never had diet pepsi (so i didnt really know how to tell the difference taste wise between diet and regular). But i started to drink it anyways, i started to get suspicious because it tasted suprisingly good, so i switched drinks with my boyfriend.

As it turns out, the waiter messed up and gave us both regular pepsi, so there i was drinking it back without knowing it. I tested because i started to feel awful and found out i was 18.8 (340) grrrr. i was pretty mad about it, we left, i didnt complain or anything, might have been an honest mistake but it was careless on thier part.

has this happened to anyone else?

There was a case like this in California. A diabetic lady drank a regular coke, thinking it was diet. She became very ill and went to the ER where they gave her insulin. Since she was T2 she did not have any insulin of her own. She sued the restaurant (I think it was a McDonalds). It was found that the tank that was marked as diet had been filled by an employee with regular coke. I bet this happens more often than we think. I never heard the outcome of this case. I imagine the lady was given a lot of money.

Switching diet and regular pop happen quite often. I usually just ask for a different one. If I'm not sure, I'll have someone else taste it for me and tell me what they think. I don't usually get mad about it. I know I can take insulin to treat it (although in the type 2s case, she couldn't), and then my numbers will eventually come back down. Waiters and waitresses have a lot to try to remember and sometimes they make mistakes. We all do at some point or another. :o)

A few times a year, that happens to me too where I'm not sure if it's diet or regular. My husband will taste it and can usually tell b/c he only drinks regular. If we're not sure, I ask them to bring me another one just in case. Luckily, I've never had a BG problem from a switch...

I agree with above. it's not a problem to send it asked for diet, you're not sure it's diet so get a new one.

when i was little, my mom would always taste my drink first when we were out eating...she HATES diet pop (claims it gives her headaches) so she can tell right away if it's diet or not..where as i, unless it's regular coke cuz i HATE the taste, can't tell half the time. if it wasn't diet, it was a simple "im sorry but this isn't diet/doesn't taste like diet pop, can we get a new one?".

I do it all the time, my bf also tastes mine when we're out if I'm not sure.

if they get testy about it, i just tell them i'm diabetic and it's very important that i know whether i'm drinking a diet or regular pop. or if you'd like, i'd be happy to talk to your manager instead about the issue ;)

For the next time, if you carry about some glucostix you can test to make sure it is diet. Instead of urine, dip one of those bad boys in your coke and voila. Then again you don't drink much pop so I doubt you would want to carry them around to use every once in a blue moon. 

I read in an article, or maybe it was on Juvenation, that you can use your glucometer to test if something is regular or diet. If it's diet you'll get an error and if it's regular you'll get a number because of the sugar. But that could get a little expensive considering each test strip is about a dollar. The pee sticks sound like a much better idea...

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I always taste my daughters well almost I have a hard time telling the difference sometimes but not her. Once she went to take a drink and it was regular she about died at how awful and sweet it was.

I always worry about this with my daughter.  We too don't drink a lot of pop (next to none), but when out in restaurants it's our drink of choice for my daughter.  We always to a taste test first, but sometimes it's hard to tell.  I've resorted to "My daughter would like a diet coke.  She's diabetic so it's crucial you don't make the mistake and bring a regular coke"  This usually scares the waitress enough that she'll double check the pop herself! lol


Sorry this happened.. very frustrating!

thanks everyone, yes it was a bit frusterating. i think i might throw a few ketostix in my purse to use for next time!

There was one time when my hubby got McDonald's and ordered me a coke but it was not the no sugar added ice tea I was wanting. I took one sip and yelled at him!!! 'How could you be so stoopid?' I told him. I did not drink it and settled for water, which is healthier for you anyways. Make sure you get your meter when dining out.

[quote user="Meredith"]

thanks everyone, yes it was a bit frusterating. i think i might throw a few ketostix in my purse to use for next time!



Meredith - you have to use GLUCOstix, not ketostix. There should never be ketones in pop. LOL. That would be something I'd sue over. ;)

and @Pat. Hilarious!

I make my wife or my kids taste all of my drinks before I drink them. I knew my kids were worth more than a tax write off. Hehehe.

I tend to get unsweetened tea (then put sweetener in it), but I can say that I have a hard time telling the difference between diet and regular fountain sodas...  The syrup to soda water ratios vary at different places, so the taste isn't consistent.

I think Sarah's on the money about asking for a new one if you're not sure, but it sounds like you had no idea.  I'd have mentioned it to the waiter... not angrily, but I'd have pointed out that I have a medical condition and unexpected sugar contributes to DAMAGE to a diabetic's body.  The point of saying this would be that he may become more diligent in making sure he gives people the right order (thus saving future customers from your dilemma), and your drink should have become "on the house."  I'd be reallllly annoyed to pay for the unwanted soda that sent my BG up to 340!!!

To second what some people have said, just ask for a new one. Remember that servers are people, and people make mistakes. They aren't intentionally trying to bring you harm or make your BG rise.

haha woops that what i meant :P i would hope there would be no ketones in there lol!

you can actually use your glucometer to check if it's diet or not. If it's regular it will give you a scary HI reading, if it's diet then it will give you a LOW reading. Then you can ask about getting a new one. I've never had the problem about being unsure, I guess I'm taste sensitive :)

I used to waitress and because we had colored straws at the restaurant we color coded the drinks. That way we always new that red was regular coke and blue was diet. It really prevented mixing things up. But if you really want to be sure you're getting diet then make sure to let them know that you can only drink diet for health reasons. Servers are really good about being extra careful then.