Please help!

Hi everyone I’m newly diagnosed type 1 patient I’m 17 years old from India… Anyone here have an extra insulin pump?..please donate … Its not available at my place and I also can’t afford it and I don’t have good control on my blood sugar levels and my doctor is continuously saying to switch on the pump… Please help me… :slight_smile:


Just to repeat (since I sent you a private message that you may not have seen) I have a used Animas Ping insulin pump to spare. May be able to find the Ping glucose meter that sent readings to it automatically, but don’t know if it survived too. Can you get OneTouch Ultra test strips there? if not the Ping meter wouldn’t do you any good anyway. Anyway see if you got the private message.

Have to find out if it can be sent privately to you without getting complicated, will have to check.

Ted Quick in Ohio