Anybody have an extra insulin pump please donate!

Hi… I want an insulin pump its not available here in my place … Please if anybody having an extra insulin pump then inbox me

Dheer, I’ve often wondered how we will manage when we visit India. I’m sure living with it there is quite difficult. From what I know, there are many misconceptions about diabetes 1&2, diet, and management. One way I hope to encourage you is to say that most people in the US do not feel “doomed” by this diagnosis. Majority of people with type 1 grow up, live active, successful lives, become parents, grandparents. I hope that you have people around you who are filling you with that hope and not a dread. Keep up with the latest research and management guidelines from other parts of the world. Being informed and proactive will help your care.

As for pump donation, the biggest problem you would have is the disposables. For extended trips to visit family, I know we cannot get supplies there for our existing pump. So it would be an ongoing problem to get things like reservoirs and infusion sites. I do have a hope that things will be made more widely available for you. Things are moving at a better pace for progress now.

Have hope and courage! You are not alone!

Thanks @motherphillips for ur encouragement … Hope u got the right advice for ur daughter … R you an Indian?

I am American, my husband is from Hyderabad. In u.s. 11 yrs.

Come to meet me someday with him… But now I need ur prayers bcoz my sugar is not stable its fluctuating and bcoz of them I’m in hospital now…