Plain Iced Coffee

It was a hot day, and I was tired. I decided to stop at Burger King and get an iced coffee. The menu read “Plain Iced Coffee”. The woman poured it and handed it to me, it looked milky. I asked, “Uhh, is this plain? It looks like it has milk or cream in it.” She responded, “Plain, yes. But it has simple sugar and milk mixed in. Did you just want plain coffee over ice?” I retorted with, “Yes, plain coffee over ice, I thought that is what plain iced coffee meant. I have diabetes and that sugary drink will kill me.” I expected the some sort of response, but she didn’t seem phased at all that she might kill me. Oh well. I laughed about it.

I know…people look at us and think we’re being primadonnas in avoiding sugar because, hey, it’s not like we’re fat. I keep those old-school urine test strips in my purse to check drinks for sugar, because I don’t trust food service people to pay attention. About 1 in 6 times my “Diet” Dr. Pepper is full-strength, and I just stop right there at the drive-thru until they make me a diet one. That’s funny though…“simple sugar and milk mixed in”. How plainly can you say “plain”?

Yes Marshall and Angie, your stories could be posted under the “Funny Stories” category but they certainly are not humorous.

What you relate about the Dr. Pepper could be rather disastrous especially if one regularly patronized the establishment serving “regular” and calling it “diet” and adjusted carb ratios - and then a few days later when not getting the 23g of carbs crashed with an extremely low BG. Of course deliberately miss-labeling food is a crime.

I prefer my coffee, both hot and cold, to be unsweetened; I can’t stand the metallic taste of both “plain sugar” and artificial sweeteners. In Florida, when ordering Tea, one is served a sticky sweet [corn syrup, I believe] concoction unless “unsweet” is made emphatic.

Plain iced coffee will mean one without caramel, cream or something like that.

I once ordered a hot chocolate drink from a donuts bakery. And oh it was extremely sugary. I asked the man I want it without sugar and he told the mix already had sugar so I said okay maybe I could handle it.
I was walking in a mall so I didn’t know how much carbs in it and how the insulin would work since I would walk for hours. I took 2 units intitially then I didn’t feel okay despite of 2 hours of walking. I checked my blood sugar and it was almost 400. I took another two units but I remember it did not settle.
Conclusion: stay away from those drinks.

Yes, sugar with chocolate is a double threat, The sugar raises you bg and the fat in chocolate keeps it there, for a long time.