G'day again,

I have a bucks party for a mate getting married and the main activity is paintball during the day. I am on the medtronic insulin pump and whilst I would like to have fun playing paintball I am not sure how dangerous it may be for the pump (i.e. if it got hit...etc). Anyone else gone paintballing with a pump, I would be keen to hear your solution.

Obviously could take it off for the time but last time I did that rock climbing it didn't work out well and ended up very very high, despite the physical exertion.

Thank you.

i have been paintballing 3 times with my pump and nothing has ever happened i think you should be fine!!

Yes, I believe; Thank you to share, I wish you good luck!


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I have gone paintballing 4x with the pump with no problems.  You could tape a 4x4 guaze over the site for extra protection though; I have done that before.   :)

only problem ive had with paintballing is the after part.. it makes my bloodsugar in the 300's

I've been paintballing for years with the pump, it's never been hit, but just as a precaution I wear it inside my clothing.  you should be fine.