Fencing and pumping - anyone know about this?

So I do fencing and LOVE it, but I recently was thinking of getting a pump, and I haven't talked to my endocrinologist yet, but I was wondering if the pump would get in the way since all the equipment isn't exactly loose...

you may want to disconnect your pump while fencing (or playing any sport). i take mine off during soccer practice and games and lacrosse practice and games. Most (if not all) pumps disconnect at the site adn you can keep it with your other supplies and stuff, etc.

That would be great. Thanks!

carrie67,  There is an insulin pump out there that is completely wireless.  It is called the OnmiPod insulin pump. it is one of the top 3 sellers in the United States.  I wore it for about 2 years.  This pump has a typical  soft cannula.  The reason I switched to another pump after two years with the OnmiPod is because the cannula started to work its way out of my body.  However, it is in the top 3 sellers in the United States and it is  COMPLETELY wireless and works by way of “remote control”.  The Jonas  brother who has type I diabetes wears the same pump.

It is the least expensive pump on the market. Now, I wear the Medtronic Revel, with great success… And would not trade for the world.  I agree with Steph and a quick disconnect would be the most ideal thing and go with a much better pump... but if it is for total freedom that you want, it would do you well to check out their website.

jason that is brilliant, and carrie what weapon do you use?

Yeah, thanks Jason! And Matt, I do foil. Do you fence?

yeah, I do sabre, but I'm prety much on a begginer level, i started about 2 years ago but I'm not very good with practicing.

Cool, I've never tried sabre before...have you ever done foil? I've been doing it for four years and love it. It's kinda the most popular type around here...not sure why, but I barely ever meet fencers who do anything else but foil.

No, I've never done foil.  I got into fencing as a father-son thing, and sabre seemed the coolest.  My father, however, did foil in college for a few years.

carrie, if you haven't already checked out the OmniPod, I would if I were you only because it IS wireless and the only wireless pump but the site is pretty large which is why I have been on the Medtronic Minimed Paradigm 722 for 4 years. It's very dependable, the site I use for it (there are others such as the Silhoutte,etc.) is very small, comfortable, and easy to disconnect.

I agree with Jason, that the OmniPod sounds pretty amazing and glorious, but just my personal opinion--the site is big and bulky and the Minimed is small and comfortable and disconnectable.

Just started my Type 1 diabetic ( plus Addison's disease ) on a pump ... and he is going to a Fencing camp tomorrow . He will be doing 6 days of elite epee work . I am nervous about the pump and fencing training. I have asked him to keep the pump on until they are sparring .... and then to take it off. I don't want him to spike either way. He goes low all the time when he wears all of his fencing gear. Any input from fencers would be helpful. He is almost 17 ... and is a Pentathlete.

I fenced for 4 years in High School. I fenced Foil as well. When I was competing or practicing I just clipped my pump to my shorts under my Fencing pants. If I was practicing and did not have my competition pants on I just clipped my pump to the inside of my pants. It keeps the pump out of the way and safe.