Over patch problem

Hey guys…so I have noticed that when I take my daughters over patch off at the end of her sessions sometimes she has a horrible rash kind of like some of her skin came off with it and it bothers her for a few days, any tips on what I can do to try and avoid this from happening?

Tearing off a skin layer means that you are removing it too forcefully and/or too quickly. You donlt say what kind of over patch. if it’s a film material like Tegaderm it’s much easier to get off then if it’s like KT Tape.

KT tape can be a PITA to get off of an adult with dry skin. It’s intended to be removed after 3 days. On dry skin the longer it stays, the stickier the adhesive becomes.

A Tagaderm overpatch is designed to stay in place for up to 10 days, 3x as long as a BandAid. During that time a new skin layer will develop which is still tender. It has been kept moist under the patch. You can’t rip off an over patch as if it were a BandAid without causing some trauma.

Pretend that your child’s skin is your face. Plan to take at least as much time getting off th oatch and device as you spent applying the device and the film in the first place

Prepare by having on hand baby oil or Goof Off, some rubbing alcohol and a clean cloth or soft washcloth.

Start by seeing if you can get any part of the edge or the center cutout to easily lift slightly by gently scraping it with a fingernail toward the other edge.

For a Tegaderm patch I’d start at the cutout because there’s a layer of catheter or cannula film and gauze under it that will protect the skin as you scrape. For a fabripatch you need to start at the outer edge and work inward,

By scrape gently I mean not hard enough to leave a scratch or welt on your face. You’re trying to catch the edge of the film and make it roll back just a little.

Whether you can or not, apply baby oil or “Goof Off” to what appears to be loosest edge. Allow the oil to start getting under the patch. As it does it will soften the adhesive and let you remove the patch by pulling it parallel to the skin to toward the other edge. center. Tegaderm film is very thin and will stretch which will help it detach from the adhesive and skin below.