Issues with adhesive

So recently I have gotten a the 630g pump and Dexcom G6 and seem to be working just fine. Of course I get the issues that are easily dealt with but now I’m clueless. So a while back my dexcom fell off and I called Dexcom for a replacement and they also sent me the patches.

When I got these patches they worked fine but sadly I get bad rash that looks like a burn or a scar and sometime I bleed when I take it off. For right now I am not using it because I need spots to put my pump. But I am fearful that my dexcom will fall off again. Does any one know of a alternative adhesive I can use? Also does this mean I can’t use silly patches or any other of the decorative patches out there?

For my 13-year-old, the Dexcom Overpatch works the best but others have success with GrifGrips, liquid adhesive, or the tape used for IVs. We’ve tried them all! The other “go-to” for us is Nexcare waterproof bandages. We cut a hole just big enough to fit over the G6. Hope you find something that works for you!


we had the same problem with the Dexcom sensor falling off and now use Skin-Tac, it works great but when removing we use coconut oil or baby oil to remove it, because its stuck so well.

Hi Rachel @Racheltoner, I use the DexCom G5 sensor and have not had any problems with any falling off - in fact I had a little difficulty getting an edge up to pull a couple off.

My procedure is skin prep ahead of time; keep in mind that some body wash solutions, shampoos, etc. can leave a coating on your skin, and body lotion can cause adhesion difficulty. A few minutes before inserting a new sensor, I use a wet washcloth [water only] and give the new spot a vigorous scrub; when dry I use a “Smith&Nephew I.V. Prep antiseptic wipe” and let that set for a minute or two while I open the sensor package; when my skin is dry I insert the sensor.

I first used the S&W wipes years ago before the Medtronic infusion set adhesion was improved and found they kept the sets on well even when I’d work 10 hour sweaty days as a laborer in the Florida sun. These wipes are available online and at places like Walmart.
Good luck.

See this Diabetes Strong blog, a review of patches.

I purche grif grip patches from Amazon. I have USD them for about 2yrs. Never a rash, burn or bleeding. I live in Vegas & when it gets 110±’ some times the start to peel off slowly over days

Try giving your skin a little bit of a stretch as you’re laying the sensor patch on your skin. This will help prevent the patch from peeling off when you’re moving/twisting and stretching. Any skin prep you can tolerate is also helpful, but have some kind of adhesive remover available too just in case.

Best wishes


My son has the same issues with his Dexcom. He develops a horrible, burn like rash after a couple days of wear. I have tried everything and this new recipe has been amazing. He has worn the dexcom for the full 10 day wear 3 consecutive times with just a little redness at the site.

  1. Wash the area with warm soap and water and let dry (NO ALCOHOL)
  2. Apply one puff of flonase
  3. Apply thin layer of cavillon barrier cream (Amazon)
  4. Apply Mastisol (not necessary, but helps it stay on longer)
  5. Apply 6cm x 7cm layer of Tegaderm 9534HP (Amazon) - You will have to cut an oval for the insertion
  6. Place inset of Dexcom applicator through opening on tegaderm HP
  7. Insert sensor
  8. Place Dexcom overpatch (Free from Dexcom if you call)
  9. Apply prescription steroid cream after removal

We have tried everything, and I mean everything trying to find something that will work with his super sensitive skin and although these specific tegaderms are on the expensive side, this process has worked wonders. Note, the simpatch and decorative patches were some of the worst for his skin.

Hope this helps!