Opinions Please

Hi All!

Can I ask for some help/opinions???

We have plans to have family visit tomorrow from out of town.  We only see them 2-3 times a year so it's alway special and a lot of fun.  Anyway, we just got a call from them telling us that this morning they took 2 of their 3 kids into the docto,r where they were diagnosed with strep.  Both were put on antibiotics immediately the 3rd shows no symptoms so was not placed on antibiotics.

So...do will still have them come?  I know there is a chance that my 2 boys (19months old) will catch this, but it would be so dissappointing to have to miss the visit.   Our next opportunity won't be until August.  I think my biggest concern is landing Benjamin in the hospital again.  We have had a rough winter of sickness & he has caught everything & always gets keytones & stops eating.  However, strep would be a new battle.

I am willing to risk having two sick boys for a few days, but Benjamin's diabetes is a different concern.

Have any of you faced strep?  Any unique challenges to diabetes with it?

TIA - Debbi

Did a quick google and it said not to be around people for till 24 hours after antibiotics. Then don't share and wash hands. If it was me I would have them visit, but keep the kids from too mush contact, if possible. Family is important to me. IMHO LOL

Darn my fingers aren't working.OK drop the till and it's much not mush. LOL

Maybe you could give the doctor's office an early morn. call and leave it up to them. If they say no,everyone will understand.If they say yes,you will feel a little better . I know you want to see family-can be fun...but if you do,like Keith said,try to keep them apart. Hope it all works out...

Yeah if they have been on antibiotics for 24 hours they are no longer contagious. I would most likely still go and just make sure like Keith said lots of hand washing and no sharing.

Regarding strep and diabetes - I used to get step a lot when I was younger and I can't remember having any issues with diabetes.  The only time there was a problem was when I started to throw up from it and had to go to the hospital.  But the odds are that it should be fine.