Not another one....question in regards to my non daibetic son

I have a call into my peds office but I thought that I would ask you since I know that you would steer me in the right direction. Gavin my almost 2 year old has not been acting right for the past two days. He has been sleeping and drinking alot. However he does have a slight cold. I tested his BS yesterday and it was 296. However this was taken about 5 minutes from him drinking a sippy with apple juice in it, so I waited 2 hours and tested him again and it was 240. So being that it was Sunday I decided to test him again with a fasting glucose this morning and it was 196. I know that is high but with a non diabetic does their sugar elevate when sick? I know that Kullins does but not 100% sure on non diabetics. Please let me know what you would do. Thanks so much


You did the right thing to call the ped.  If you do not hear back right away - call your endo. s/he is likely more knowledgeable in this particular issue anyway.  My thoughts and prayers go out to you and your boys.  I am a mother of 3 boys and also check my non-d when I am concerned.  If it is in fact a diagnosis, your attentiveness to your son's needs has caught it early.

Take Care and have strength - no matter what the news.


hi Brandi,I remembered a post-titled--My Son's blood sugar---Susan talked about non d and bs...not sure if anything is there about being sick.I hope he feels better soon.You did the right thing calling the ped office.I will keep you both in my prayers...

i am pretty sure non diabetics do not increase their sugars that much with illness. is he on steroids or any other medications.? im sure you have heard back from the doctor by now.. i am praying for you and your family..  kerri ( mom of 11 year old t1)

I also test my 21month old non-D son when he starts drinking a lot and I start getting paranoid.  You posted this a few days ago so assume you know whether or not Gavin is also diabetic by now. Thinking of you guys and hoping for the best.



Those numbers seem high for a nonD.  Keep us posted on your son.  We had our two nonD tested last summer and one tested postive for two of the autoantibodies that T1's have.


I know your worry and concern.


Lots of prayers,


I hope that your have taken the son to the ER or have taken him to the Endo.



How is your son?