Save me!

Riley just barfed and I am panicking inside blah! I know I have read the sick day management words from the punk panther book but they dont jump out and take care of her I have to! Barf doesnt bug me but the BG up and down extra insulin food not being able to stay down possible high ketones scares the crap out of me. I had just hoped she would never get a tummy bug for te rest of her life lol yes that is what I wanted and thought maybe just maybe we would get away with it. My kids dont get sick very often. I have no idea if there are ketones or not she doesnt have to pee and is now back to sleep ugh. I just need to babble cause well I am scared of how I will deal with today. I need to bust out the book too to figure out what I am doing.

moderate ketones :(

I think you need to get some carbs in her so she can take insulin. Maybe some ginger ale?

Jessica, it has been a long time since I had any ketones, but when I did, I took a correction bolus and that took care of it very easily. Of course I am an adult and it might be different with a child, but I really believe a correction bolus is the appropriate thing to do. The CWD site is a good place to adk a question like this.

Richard already have a post up.


I got out my book and know what I am doing now. So I am a little less worried. If it gets to be more than I can handle I will bring her to the ER. Thankfully she is keeping liquids down so far. I also have to give her 5-10% more insulin every two hours to get ride of the ketones. Also she is hard to get down in the mornings and all that so I am not to worried about the extra insulin. She is whining now about being hungry so I will let her have some crackers in a few. She just drank Gatorade and I want to wait 15 to make sure the carbs are in her system before trying solids and maybe not being able to hold those down. She still has moderate ketones and well with spots of large on the strip too but she did earlier but it was mostly moderate both times. I am going to stick with that until the whole strip lights up large but hopefully it wont.

woot negative for ketones now!

Good news! Glad things are looking up!

What a relief!  Way to go, Super Mom...   :) 

Thanks, she is still feel yucky but eating and drinking small amounts. So I am still getting insulin in her. I just tested her ketones again and it was none to trace it was one of those lovely in between shades not pink but not the tan either. Still that is nothing.



I'm glad to hear things are back to somewhat.

A) I cannot believe they are still giving out the Pink Panther book (I got that 21 years ago!)

B) Now (or in the next week) is the time to come up with a plan for when she gets sick again!!! :)

Yeah on friday I am going to get a storage bin for in the cupboard with sick day management stuff. That way I am not caught without anything she needs again.

I'm so glad to hear Riley is doing better. Sarah hasn't really had a sick day yet. Not looking forward to it!

Hey Jessica,

Looks like things turned out alright, great news. I just thought I would add on thing if it wasn't in your information on sick days. I am on the pump, but whenever I do get keytones, I inject my boluses with a needle, instead of going through the pump. I still let my basal rate go with an added temp rate because I am sick, but I notice that my body absorbs the insulin quicker through needles. This could all be irrelevent or common information, but I figured I would share anyways.