Online education for type1

Is there anywhere you can go online ,to find fun ways to learn about type1? I thought it would be great for kids,teens,and adults to review and learn facts on type1.I  read and go to dlife and will always take the quiz. I would like to know whats offered.

Hmmm. I occasionally go on the discussion boards for the Joslin Center ( But, they have T1 and T2 info there.

Probably others who were more recently diagnosed have better suggestions than I do.


Right here on Juvenation you can go to the Groups tab above and click on the educate others group which I think is the first group and you can send links to your friends and have them read about it also if you click live with diabetes for a day you then Gina's day you can see how I live with diabetes by scrolling through my personal video diary.

There's this interactive website produced by the NIH:


GINA-GINA-GINA,This video!!! I have been over to educating others and never saw this-You are amazing to have made this to share with others.Written words are one good thing,but to see and hear another person speak on their experience getting this,I can't tell you,I want to share this video with my  family and will.I hope others make these on here too,you have no idea how that spoke to me.Thank you for being brave and sharing your life to help everyone.

Paul,thank you,the past years,especially when my teen got this-I would google 4 ever,trying to read everything.It would be nice if everything were in one place.I went over everything on the site you showed.Always good to review,but I have to be honest,I didn't look at the complications part,nothing horrifies me like that part of d.I hear about them ofcouse since the start,but I Avoid,like no one else most of the time.Maybe here I can read and learn about them,slowly,and my fears won't have such a hold on me.After I went here,I read CJ last post on MO's post and I froze!! who knows---Matt,where is Dr. Phill...