Not even a month since i've been diagnosed

Hi, i found out a little over 3 weeks ago that i have diabetes, Found out not too long after that it was type I, i have so many unanswered questions and worries, if you want to give me feed back that would be great!

So i have a son that is now 2, they never found gestational diabetes, And then this came on really fast and all of a sudden. So i mainly wanna know where does it come from, i know that i didn't get it because of something I've done but it's hard not to feel like that when it just happened all of a sudden.

Iknow many people with D have had healthy happy babies, but what scares me is we were thinking about having another baby next year. What do you do if you have a few bad days and your sugar levels are wacky, will that cause the birth defects in the baby? how many days of high sugar would it take before birth defects happen?

Today i have the stomach flu or something and it really got me down all day, i just feel like my bodyi s just falling apart and that no matter what i do right now that i can't fix it. I was at my diabetic nurses office today and she told me to come back tomorrow if i still feel bad and try to see dr (he wasn't in today)

So on those days when you get discouraged how do you get yourself up and positive about your situation? NotĀ to mentionĀ on top of already feeling like a failure today the nurse told me that i am a very good candidate for a pump in the future. Now i haven't even been diagnosed for a month yet, that's a scary thought!!!

I go see an endo July 5, should i just keep these questions til then. are they really good about explaining things well?


Jenn, diagnosed May 19, 2011