Need some insight

Hey ladies,

I am currently new to the sight but it has been very helpful since I discovered it about a month ago.  I am a 27 year old T1 and was diagnosed at 16 months.  I am currently engaged and can't wait to have a child.  The odd thing about it is my fiancee is a T1 as well and was diagnosed when he was 11 years old.  I have always had poor control of my diabetes here and  there but never been hospitalized do to iit since I was diagnosed and my sugar was 956.  I just have been Truly Blessed and even more so to find someone who has an understanding of diabetes as a whole as a partner in life.  My mother nonetheless is not truly trilled about me wanting to have a child she feels like it will be a diabetic because him and I both are and that it will be a hard process for me as a diabetic to carry a child but I beg to differ.  I started the insulin put July of this year and have become quit found of it.  I decided that this was  a step I was going to have to take to live a longer healthier life and to have any chances at having a child.  My A1C's before the put always ranged between 12-15 and just four months in I am down to a 9 and striving to get even lower.  However, I usually get my period about the third no later than the fourth of every month and so far this month it is yet to show it face! I have taken to pregnancy tests one early on when I was about 7 days late and one about a week later and have gotten negative results both times.  I  know this could be possible but the only thing is all of a sudden my sugars start jumping drastically over night. I could go to bed ne where in between 90-120 and wake up in the morning at 300-400.

Did any of you ladies have these problems or symptoms when you found out you where pregnant? I haven't had any other symptoms but I did speak with my OB and he informed me that if I haven't had a period by the 3rd of December to come in for a Blood Pregnancy Test! I really hope I do not have one and I am actually pregnant. Can any of you help ease my mind!!!!!