Hey everyone! I'm not sure how you would define "newly diagnosed," but I was diagnosed just under 11 months ago.


But I thought for those even more recently diagnosed, you could all post your thoughts/fears/questions or anything else on your mind here! We can create our own little support group.

i was diagnosed about 6 months ago.

6 months and i noticed you'll be starting the pump soon? Are you excited? You seem to have adjusted well to having diabetes so far :)

i am so excited about the pump. 8 more days... thats too long. especially since theres this big skating party going on, with lots of food, the day before i get on it.

Hey Melissa! I think this is a great idea! I was just diagnosed in March so its nice to know that now i can ask my questions and add my thoughts to people who know what im going through! Its so hard trying to let people in on such a personal aspect our lives...i feel like people who dont have diabetes, dont really understand what it is like.  The emotions that you go through when finding out you have this are like a roller coaster(at least they were for me).  So its nice to know that people are willing to help and listen to the concerns I have.   Thanks! =)

Courtenay, Im wondering how you like the pump now that youve had it for awile. My son is hopefully going to get one this summer,hes 11 and was diagnosed in Feb. so its still new for us. Hes excited to get the pump! Do you have an Omnipod?

the pump is awesome!!!! a week after i got on the pump this guy in my class brought pizza and cake for everyone for his birthday. i had a calorie king in my bachpack so i looked up pizza and cake and ate almost double the carbs as i did before going on it. other days i only eat half the amount. my blood sugar is already much better and when it isnt so good all i have to do is press a few buttons to fix it. i have minimed. on sunday i learn how to use the cgm for it.

I was Diagnosed almost 3 weeks ago.

It WILL get better.  I promise!  Its been alittle over a year for my daughter there are still good days and bad.   She is using the pump now and it has made a huge difference.  Good luck and if you ever need to talk, you can contact me or her. :)


How old is your daughter? Does she like the pump?

My parents think i should get it after my honeymoon phase (i can't remember if that's the exact name of it)

would you recomend  it?


You have it right "the honeymoon phase".  Samantha is 11, was diagnosed in April 2008, just before her 10th birthday.

The pump has been great, mostly because she doesnt have to give herself insulin shots anymore.  We change the site every three days.  Which she says hurts but is better than all the shots.  So now, she only has to put the site in once every three days rather than 6-10 insulin shots a day.  It has helped ALOT keeping her blood sugars under control.

How old are you?  I know you are scared.  Samantha and I cried alot at first.  There were days she felt like she would never feel good again and like I said, we have still days like that, but the good have gotten alot more frequent.  She is very private about it and did not want anyone to know for awhile, she didnt want to be different.  Now, if she doesnt feel like talking about it, she doesnt.  Its your body, you tell who you want if you want.  You just have to take care of yourself, above everything else.

If your parents need to talk about anything, I am here for them too.  Its alot of information to learn in a short amount of time, but you will get it and it wont be such a huge part of your everyday.  If you have any questions at all about anything...I will do whatever I can to help. :)


I was diagnosed 6 months ago


How are you feeling about it?

It's a little strange it definately turned my world upside down


To say the least it is life changing and EVERYDAY.  I try to let my daughter (she's 11) as many chances to make choices for herself.  She feels like she has not control over her body, so I let her be a big part in making decisions about her care.  I try to impress on her, now is when she should take the best care of herself so she will be healthy longer.  The better choices you make for yourself the better your lifewill be in the long wrong.

It's been over a year now and I cant say we dont still have bad days. But the mood swings and the depression at least makes sense.  So I can recognize when she get an attitude with me, that her BS may be high.  She has learned how to listen to her body now, and if you havent already you will.

You are probably getting through the "honeymoon" phase.  Have you thought about the pump at all, once you get past that stage?  Samantha has it and it has been great with getting some control.

Anyway, we are going to bed, feel free to email me anytime.  Samantha and I are happy to help you and your parents if they have any questions.  Our home email is  Im sure your parents have lots of questions too. Ask anything you like.

Have a good night and stay strong. 

That's very nice of you! I appreciate it very much

I actually just got the pump about a week ago and I like it very much! it gives me a sense of freedom

My dad is in Memphis for a while now and my aunt is staying with me and my siblings so I'm kinda on my own right now!

Thank you again and good luck to your daughter! have a good night!

The pump was kind of scary at first had a lot of really low blood sugars at night.  But it has all worked out.  Glad to be here if you need.  My daughter hides alot of her feelings so helping other kids I feel like I get a glimpse into her head too, know what I mean.  Anyway, really going to bed now.  I have a blackberry so if get worried about anything, feel free to email directly and I will do my best to help you.

yeah i'm still trying to get use to the pump and I'm getting a lot of low blood sugars at night too! yeah I'm not one to share my feelings very often but it's much better talking to someone about this thats not my dad! Thanks for your help!! do you have a facebook?



i was diagnosised almost 8 months ago. i started the pump about a month and a half ago. my doctors were so impressed on how quick i was to adjusting to having diabeties but i already knew what to do because my dad is a diabetic for almost 31 years now. but i was wondering how do u answer to people when they ask how can you get diabeties?