Newly Diagnosed in Twenties

Hi guys! I just signed up for this account today because a friend recommended I try to reach out to more people with Type 1 as a way of coping. I was just diagnosed in March of this year after being misdiagnosed with Type 2 for two years. It’s changed my entire life around and it hasn’t been easy getting through. Depression has been a big problem lately and I’m wondering what to do about it.

hi @AriesFiyah05,

of all the complications around diabetes, depression is the tough one. it can be exhausting, it can make you feel like you will never dig out of the hole you are in, it can convince you that it’s not even worth trying. there’s no magic answer to depression, it’s about fighting isolation and believing you can feel better with a little help.

your friend is a real gem, the best way to deal with this is with support. there are a lot of us here. i am sorry to hear about your diagnosis but as far as misdiagnosis- you’ll feel better eventually now that you’ll be able to control blood sugar.

there’s a ton of stuff to learn and the first year is always the hardest. hope you are okay and you have all the support you need. JDRF also has local chapters and other support for you. please check in and tell us how you are doing.

Hi Aries. Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. I too was in your shoes a few years back. I was in my early 30’s when diagnosed. I went through all the stages of grief. You should look these up and learn about them. In a way, you loose the life you once knew. It is like a death. Also, I highly suggest getting a counselor for help. It can do you wonders. I temporarily had to get on medication to help me cope as well. There is NO shame in that either as diabetes can be emotionally draining. Learn all you can about this illness. That will give you tremendous power and take away some of your worry. The biggest help that I found was wearing a CGM or continuous glucose monitor. I use the Dexcom 4. It has been a true life saver and taken away the worry about hypoglycemia. I can only say that it has been 6 years since my diagnosis. I spent the first few years in denial and then went through all the other emotions of bargaining, to depression to finally acceptance. However, don’t think that bad days won’t creep up on you. Hang in there! I know it doesn’t feel like it now, but you will feel better and learn to live with this. I promise. Feel free to inbox me anytime.

Hey there! I also got diagnosed about a year ago at the age of 22. It definitely is a crazy reality to all of a sudden have your life changed so much!

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please feel free to join and like the pages. we just starting it up now! but definitely want to make it a great place to connect with others in our 20s!

feel free to reach out via email-

Thank you, Joe! I am going to look into speaking with someone from the New England chapter. And I will reach out if I need some help! I’m so happy I’m around people who are going through similar struggles!

I was just diagnosed in March of this year after being misdiagnosed with Type 2 for two years. It’s changed my entire life around and it hasn’t been easy getting through.
Huh. My experience with that was back around 1979 and my reaction was different. By the time I finally got on insulin I was so very happy to make the switch. I was starving myself and had lost 30 or more pounds trying to keep my fasting Blood Glucose numbers low. (We didn't have BG test meters back then so the only feedback was from a lab test).

When I started insulin I could actually eat again. For me it was starting life again after being near the brink of death.

I was diagnosed when I was 6, in 1945. I don’t remember a life without type 1. After 70 years of diabetes, I am healthy, and have no diabetes related complications except some mild nerve damage.
I believe in making friends with other type 1 people, preferably near your own age. Maybe there is an opportunity like that near to your home. If not, online support groups are also very good. Type One Nation, and other diabetes websites are good. There are many good type 1 groups on Facebook. I belong to many type q groups, and have made many friends.
There is a type 1 conference in Orlando every year. It is called the Friends For Life conference. I was there this year in July, and will be there again in 2016. It offers an excellent opportunity to meet other type 1 folks face to face. There are many excellent speeches and presentations too. Celebrities with type 1 attend every year.

Look at research on Niacinamide and Vandium. Don’t waste time either. I have been diabetic 31 years and I have read if you catch it early enough it can be type 1 can be cured. Only you will find out. I don’t think doctors can prescribe or even recommend this treatment.