New To The Chat

I’ve had diabetes since the age of ten. I do have a great support group behind me but I still feel like they don’t completely understand me. I’m just hoping to meet people that can relate to me. I’m also hoping I make new friends by joining this chat. :blush:

Hi Mae @MaeMae,
Welcome to this site, it is nice having you. I’m certain that here you will meet some people who will understand what you have gone through, what you are experiencing and maybe what you will be experiencing a few years from now. I’ve found that, even though I’ve lived with T1D for over 60 years that I’m still learning things about myself from folks on this site - I hope I never stop learning.

I’m not surprised that those in your support group, unless they also have TypeOne, will ever fully understand. TypeOne had to be lived in order to fully understand. I’ve been married for over 50 years and even though my wife is my greatest support and counselor, I know she doesn’t “feel” fully what I’m experiencing - even though some evenings while I’m reading in the living room and she is watching TV she will say from across the room, “… are you starting to feel low?”… Of course I’ll say “no” but then almost always realize she is right. Ahhhhhhh woman’s intuition.

That’s what I’m hoping for I only have two other members in my family with diabetes but they have type two plus there much older then I am so I was hoping to meet others more around my age group. I’ve never meet anyone with diabetes outside my family it will be nice talking to others with diabetes and get there view on things. I’m happy to hear that because I’m always looking for new ways to help improve my overall health. That’s exactly how I feel my family members do that too.

I’m very fortunate here in Northeast Ohio in that there IS a Type 1 discussion group that meets monthly to help each other understand anything that affects our T1d lives. So every third Tuesday each month I drive 58 miles to talk whatever we’re concerned with over with 12 to 20 other Type 1s with diabetes.
If you don’t live near Cleveland OH you might want to look at setting up your own group, if nobody else has yet. Just be sure to find a CDE or endocrinologist to run meetings to be sure it’s anchored in reality.

Thank you for your information I’m sorry to say I do not live near that area but you did give me a great idea and I’m going to look further into that by seeing what is around my area hopefully there is something but if not I will try and look into what you said.


I forgot to mention that this group was set up by JDRF with local CDE’s taking over coordinating the meetings. So check with JDRF first. Most other group meetings will tend to work best for Type 2s, since they are much more common, like 90 to 95% of the diabetic population.