Some one there?

Does any one have anyone they know that has type 1 that they are really close to? I mean its great to talk on here and have everyone here, I am very grateful for this website, but sometimes Id love to have someone to just meet up with and talk to about everything, whats goin on and how I am feeling or how they are feeling.  I have some cousins with it but we really dont see eachother much and it kind of sucks. I wish I just had a close friend I could just meet up with when ever and say hey, im not doin so good today, and understands how much it sucks to have a bad blood sugar day. 

I have a friend with Kidney disease and we usually have some pretty good conversations and that always helps and we relate really well... but its just not the same ya know? I know this post is kind of whiney, but its just one of those days haha.

HI Andrew,

I don't know anyone with T1. It does suck not having people to talk to in everyday life, that is one of the main reasons why I am thankful for this site. After having pretty great sugars all week I am not doing so well today either. I'm stuffing my face with raisins as I type this. I took way too much insulin with dinner.

You are not whining that is what we are here for. Have you checked out the find a friend group? maybe someone on here lives in your area.

Hope your night gets better. Take care :)

Oh wow, I did not even know there was a group for that, I'm probably going to have to go check that out! thanks :)

dude i know exactly where you're coming from. it sucks not always having someone that knows exactly what you're talking about, what you're feeling. It sucks when you have to stop and explain to someone the vocabulary, the feelings both emotional and physical. its tough. i don't know where you are located but if i can help you in anyway, if you just want to talk about diabetes or even anything, or just need a friend or whatever, i will gladly do what i can to help you.

I went many years before I found a friend who I can talk to about being a person with Type One Diabetes. I only met her four years ago, but it wasn't until I was really serious about taking care of myself that we formed a deeper friendship. I know at least there will be one person for me to vent at if I need to. It is nice, but I have met some truly awesome people on here, which also makes things easier to talk about and listen to.

My Niece was diagnosed when she was about 10, now she's 17.  We are pretty close.  She lives in Florida tho and we only keep in touch on facebook and email and other nonsense like that.  I guess it's not the same because of th ehuge age difference but we do help eachother out.  I loaned her my CGM for her to try out and, really, she was the peraon who asked me if I would try a pump that mattered.  anyway for what it's worth.

My friend Andrew has T1 but he isn't really open about it.  we talk once in a while.  My good friend Johnny has T2 and I taught him how to use insulin.  My other firend Gary also has T2, (actually I diagnosed him with my finger stick maching when he was sick)  we talked a lot about it but it is a different thing than someone who gets the "life sentence".  In face both Johnny and Gary lost about 100 and 80 pounds (respectively) and they don't have symptoms anymore... 


Andrew,it is good that you are here on Juvenation-I hope you find support and friendship to help you....Joe-my husband is thin--,type2--and is on 3 insulin shots a day--He will tell me sometimes that he just knows they have it wrong and he is really a type1--I always brush him off about it---but sometimes I do wonder reading others here were said to be type2 at first...

i have around 8 to 10 reallly good friends with diabetes that live in my area ( my boyfriend is t1 too) i can talkt to them about nething and its really nice to have some onelike that

I'm lucky enough that my little brother is also T1. He was diagnosed 6 years ago and I was just diagnosed in July, but he's been such a great help and it's been amazing to see why he gets frustrated and really understand the frustration. But other then that I really don't know anybody.

Actually I have known many close people with diabetes, but we never shared diabetes stories or went to each other for support, we were really only there for emergency supplies if someone ran out for a day or needed help tracking down supply support.

I have found much better emotional companionship from people with different types of disabilities then those with diabetes (in person that is.) It is hard for people with diabetes to support each other in person unless they have the same/similar want or drive to do well or succeed with this disease and its management. A friend with diabetes who does not care about taking care of their disease will not be an emotionally supportive person for you if you have a strong desire to do well, they can make you very depressed and drag you down pretty quick if you are not prepared. This site is nice because those people tend to be filtered out by not posting- everyone here is curious and that is a very good foundation for support- those who are not curious or trying to be dedicated to this disease in some way tend not to stick around to long.

Sigh* sorry had to get that out. I'm sorry you are feeling alone. =) We are here for you cyberly speaking.

Through all my years of school and adult life, I've probably encountered  -10 people with T1.  That's why I love this site.  It's a connection that I've never had before.

wow, I was definitaly not expecting to hear all of this back from everyone!  I really apreciate it and it just confirms my statement of how much I love this site, we are all here for eachother in a weird cyber friendship haha. 

I do envy everyone that do have friends with diabetes, its a very good thing to have, hopefully someday I will find a few people haha.

There's positive and negative possibilities with T1 people in proximity...I have a T1 friend who, well, talks about abusing sugar. I adore her immensely, but I wish she would open a freaking book. There are people who really enjoy her ignorant "informative testimonials" because they want ammunition to be hurtful.

I'd like a T1 friend who didn't inadvertently talk about things which are simply untrue. I still feel isolated...except when I come on here, and then I feel relief.

Unfortunately the closest person I know is my 5 year old daughter. And as great as it is to talk with her she obviously doesn't understand yet. i agree, I would love to have a good close friend to maybe just have lunch with and be able to talk diabetes. I have a friend with T2 and she drives me nuts about wanting to "compare" stories. I kindly tell her that her challenge is nothing to mine, but she doesn't understand. She actually wanted me to feel bad for her for gaining weight, after losing 60 pounds, and having to go back on her meds. I told her at least she has the option to lose the weight and not have to deal with it. Ok, enough of my rant. Yes a close person who would understand would be great. i think that is why I love this site so much!