I have no diabetic friends. Does anybody want to be my diabetic friend? :)

I want a diabetic friend. It would be nice to have someone who understands. No one in my town knows what it's like to deal with diabetes. Sure my family and friends say "I understand" but only people with type one diabetes can fully understand. I just want someone that I can have a conversation about diabetes with and they can completely relate.

I know what you mean, there really isn't a lot of support out there for adult type 1 diabetics. I always get lumped together with the younger type 1's or type 2 diabetics. It's really frustrating to have to explain to people there are differences, and to make them understand how much diabetes impacts every aspect of daily life.

I know what u mean but people can still live their lives. i would be happy to be your friend

I'm in the same boat, here in Central Wisconsin.  I'll be your friend. :)

Thank you. It sucks being the only type one around here

Not sure how much good I am considering I'm from UK but I completely understand where you're coming from. 22 years of diabetes under my belt and I've still yet to successfully make even one Type 1 pal - especially one that takes the friendship beyond diabetes. The only Type 2s in my life are related to me but even they don't talk to me about it because they've not been diagnosed long. I keep an eye on them though and help them if I can. :(

I'll be your friend !

There's a group in Toronto thats dedicated to Adult type 1's called Connected in Motion, I've heard theyve been opening chapters elsewhere in Canada and the US, not sure if they'll be where you are located. I'm made a few friends thru that group.

Overall, I too have noticed there arent many groups for Adults with type1 :(

Hi Lindsey!

I'd be happy to be a friend.  Well, I'm older as I'll be 33 at the end of this year, but I'm an excellent listener and I already can relate to some of what you have been through.  I was diagnosed at 17 yrs and I had lived in a small town outside of Baton Rouge, LA at the time.  NO ONE understood my woes and troubles.  Now, I have been diagnosed with the rare Dawn Phenomenon and my endo has been very empathetic towards me.  So, together we have been running all the trials and errors.  Although we are getting close to a workable situation, we are still struggling to gain the control.  So, if you ever need someone to vent to, share with, express your feelings to, and what not, I don't mind lending an ear or two and giving my shoulder to lean on.  On this site, we are all here for each other any how, but don't hesitate to message me!



Hey Lindsey,

It sure does seem difficult to find people who actually understand. Don't you hate it when people give you the "I Understand" when you try to explain Type 1 or anything about it? Drive's me nuts, but hey it also sets us apart.  It's truly a unique experience only a very small group of people can share. And when you connect with another T1 Diabetic, it is an Instant bond that so few people can have with one another.  This past September, we had the JDRF Walk for a Cure in Nashville, TN and just seeing all of the pumps, blood sugar checks, and injections going on all around me was so so so comforting. It was the first time I didn't have to give myself insulin like James Bond under the table incognito so no one would stare. It was crazy to talk to someone who knew what a low felt like.  My wife tries to get me to explain what it feels like every time I get high or low and everytime I think I describe it differently and more confusing. But to have others to relate with is incredibly important, and I'm glad you are reaching out for that here. I know there are plenty of others with Type 1 who would gladly connect with you and share, give guidance, experiences and listen to you.

Count me in.