Friends with T1D

hey everyone! I’m new to this website (but not newly diagnosed), and I just wanted to talk to some of you because it’s really frustrating having no high school aged friends with T1D! :yum:

Hi! I’m Carly! I’m 17 and I’m from lots Angeles. I don’t know anyone else my age with T1d either.

Hi Carly! I’m from San Antonio. would you like to add me on Twitter or something so we can talk? :slight_smile:

I don’t have a Twitter but my Instagram is @chronicallycarly and @carlyhannah417 and my email is

Hi my name is Allison. I do not have any friends with T1D. Would you like to talk??

of course Allison! do you have any social media?

I have twitter that is it. You can also email me at We could also message on here.


Sorry for the late response! I am also new to this website but I’ve had diabetes for about seven months now. Do you want to follow me on instagram? We could message on there- I am on there more than I am on this website. My instagram is @philosophicalpenguin18 so anyone here feel free to add me so we can chat!