New Endocronologist

I am looking for a new endo
Have been a type 1 for 39 years had to switch 4 years ago because of insurance
Have not been happy he only does what I suggest or push no ideas himself just keep everything same even when I am having problems my thyroid levels have been off for over 3 months now and he said we do not need to do anything to the next time I see you in 2 more months I know the numbers are off because my rheumatologist checked them

need someone in north jersey
Either Bergen or Passaic county’s

Any suggestions

I’m looking too, but I don’t want to waste money on an Endo. I am now searching for a facility with a general practitioner that had a CDE instead as I find they are way better informed on new trends/ideas. I get what you mean about having to make your own suggestions to Endo, I had to ask my last one if I could get on a CGM… geesh. Good luck in your search.

@Pmbrown46 hi Patty, you can’t throw a stick without hitting an endo in Livingston, if you don’t mind a ride down the Parkway.

Thyroid. Have you been diagnosed as hypothyroid recently? mine stopped about 20 years ago. the trick with thyroid meds (synthroid and the generics) that work with me are: try not to switch generics. stay with 1, either the original or with one generic if you can. Do not take synthroid with food, because consistent and predictable absorption is what the problem is… as a matter of fact, I take my synthroif on an empty stomach at about 11 PM. it takes 3 months for TSH (thyroid stimulating hormone) to give you feedback so it’s a very slow process. After that, the game is based on taking the same thing at the same time with the same stomach chemistry. Good luck you can do it.

I am on a generic of synthroid have been on for over 15 years

We have hashimotos form it runs in my family so my endo saw my numbers were way of an opted to wait 4 months for my next visit this is not the first time I have had issues with him and he is in Livingston but since I have to find a new endo I would rather move closer to home I live in totowa

I have no suggestions because I am not in your area — but I do want to commend you for being in charge of your own health! That is the only way!

You need to find a doctor, an endo or whatever, that’s university affiliated. I was seeing private practice endo’s before I got a university affiliated doctor and the difference was amazing. I would much rather see a doctor that has a degree from Harvard med. school than a doctor that was a doctor for an NFL team, for example. The university doctor’s have the training and CURRENT tools to work with, so you know you’re getting the latest technology. Get one of those doctor’s and half your battle will be won!

There are no university hospital near me unless you count Hackensack NJ

They are building a medical school with seton hall but I do not think that counts yet