New copay for humalog (aka bad day problem #1)

I picked up my humalog today and my new co-pay in 2010 and has gone up from $10 to $45. I don't know yet what my (many, many, many) other co-pays will be. It's so frustrating b/c it makes you feel so helpless. My husband works for the Smithsonian, so we get great insurance choices as it's a big institution. You need the insulin to live, so I just felt so helpless!

Anyways, the pharmacist said I should call and ask if there's another "preferred" short-acting insulin now for my plan. So my question (in addition to my general complaint lol) is: have any of you switched between short-acting insulins? Do you notice a difference in how they work? I guess I'm not sure if it's like switching between the same thing made by different companies or if each acts very differently.