Insulin and insurance, we need to advocate and change things

Couldn’t refill my Humolog the other day because my doc didn’t put in a specific dose for meals or a maximum dose ( he and I solved it). Another T1 in line had insurance that no longer covered Humolog or Novolog. What is happening? It isn’t like we’re getting addicted to narcotics? It is challenging enough without these endless hoops to jump through. What are the ADA and JDRF doing to help us?

I do get updates from JDRF when they go to Congress. I also get emails with letters to send to our senators. They are fighting this fight for us and with us. I am fortunate enough to have a doctor out of The University of Michigan who worked very closely with the Blue Care Network to ensure that diabetics have excellent insurance coverage. I encourage you to reach out to your senators and doctors to express your concerns and frustrations.

@sneathbupp this is a very complex issue imo,

yes I get upset when I have to pay for synthetic hormone replacement because I’d die without “insulin”.

I also worry about mandating price controls and implementing government “taxes”, as I see the problems with our system, the European system, etc. I can tell you that one of the top things I am interested in when looking for a job is medical insurance and coverage. so far, I guess, I’ve been both lucky and fortunate. Glad you got your Humalog!