Help! Insurance!?

Hey, everyone. I have insurance through my work, but the prescriptions are part of the deductible, which is high. I need help affording my supplies. Do you have plan/provider recommendations? Ideas for supplemental prescription insurance? I’m inexperienced and new at diabetes and it’s EXPENSIVE! November is ticking closer, and I’d appreciate any advice you veterans can give me. Thanks!

Uffda (as my grandparents would have said), the costs of having Type 1 Diabetes are, truthfully, outrageous. I have had to give up job(s) that I have loved in order to have my illness (condition) covered by health insurance (a.k.a. medicaid). Insulin, supplies and hospitalizations are very expensive. I wish that I was a Rockefeller, Vanderbilt or an Astor so that I could afford this illness and still live the life that I want. I thank God that I live in the U.S., but I wish that the pharmacutical companies would be a little (or alot) easier on us. Keep speaking up and standing up for all of us with autoimmune illnesses. Someday they will hear us. I wish you all the best!

What sucks about insurance and diabetes is you need insurance in order to take care of yourself. Alot of people have had to cut back on hours of their job just to qualify for state insurance. I have insurance at work and my copays for insulin are 140. Sucks!

Try searching the name of your insulin on google and then adding “savings card” or “coupon” to the end! Some of the insulin brands will have a savings card that can be applied. For example, the lantus insulin pens have a savings card currently for a $25 copay! These can be applied at your local pharmacy where you fill your prescription. Most brands that provide diabetes medications and supplies will have a savings card that can be used to lower your deductible! Hopefully this will work for you as well! I currently use the lantus savings card and it has saved me tons! Let me know if this works for you too! Best of luck!