New, but diabetic since 18 months old :)

Hi!! I'm Amanda :) I'm 19 and I've had diabetes since I was 18 months old!

I'm from NC but curently staying in NY!

I've done it all; shots, the pump.

 I just happened to find this site when researching some diabetic stuff.

Hopefully I can meet some cool new diabetic friends and find some good advise! :)


HI Amanda!

I am Jaimie and I have been a diabetic since I was 3 1/2 years old.

I am from Michigan and I am 16 and working.

I too have done both shots and pump. I am on the pump as of 6 years ago and will stay will it. It's nice to meet you and   


Hi! Nice to met you too!

Yeah, I had the pump for about 5years, but Ive been off of it for about 2 and half years. Im thinking about getting one again.