Needle gaurd on animas inset 30

My son Christopher just started insulin in his pump on April 7.  He uses the inset 30 for the Animas Ping.  Has anyone had any trouble with inserting the infusion set?  If we follow the instructions and take off the needle gaurd, the adhesive strip either wrinkles or sticks to the base of the inserter.

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My 4 year old son also started his Animas Ping about the same time and we are having the same issues with the inset 30.  The adhesive always wrinkles and if I pull the needle out and stretch the strip, the cannula comes out.  I found I have to lift the tape, push in the cannula and replace the tape before taking the backing off the other side. Doesn't seem right.  Would love to see what others have to say....

Thanks for answering my post! I was beginning to feel like we were the only ones having trouble with those things.  We have had better luck lately. I have found that if we pull the adhesive back after taking the needle gaurd off, it is less likely to catch on the foot of the insertion device. 

Now if only Christopher would stop catching the tubing on things and pulling out the infusion set, we would have it made! The poor child already has marks all over his belly where we have to keep changing infusion sets. I think he has managed to keep a set in for the three-day period twice since he started using the pump.


Me too!!  Have you tried putting the inset into his lower back/waist?  We haven't had a set pulled out yet and he is very active.  My son also wears his pump in a little waist pouch and I think that helps to keep the tubing from catching too.  We bought a few of these on ebay from "Pump'n in Style"  

I haven't been able to talk him into trying his back at all. However, last Thursday I talked him into using the fatty area on his right side.  He said it hurt and he was never going to do that area again. He had ripped out his infusion set on the cabinet door in his classroom. Just minutes before my sixth-grade class came in, I had to replace the set. It did hurt him and he tried his best not to let anyone see that he was trying not to cry.  I felt terrible. Then I had to try not to cry because I had a bunch of students coming into my room!  Our Animas pump trainer called to check on him that evening. I told her what happened with that location and she suggested trying his upper thigh. I think he might let us try that area on a weekend. It's pretty hard to deal with a battle over inset locations on a school morning.

Thanks for the info on the "Pump'n in Style" from ebay. We have a "Waist It" from Animas, but the material is scratchy so Christopher won't wear it.


My daughter started using the Anamis Ping in the middle of March, she was shown to take the tape off at an angle, then cock it, then push down slightly and twist the gaurd off.  She has had no problems with the adhesive strip wrinkling so far.