Needing advise

I turn 18 the other day and my state medicade stopped paying for my perscriptions. (I have a SSI hearing near the end of October{ 3 months or so.}.) I don’t have the supplies for that kind of strech and can’t afford over $2,000 a month. Any advice is much appreciated and needed!

Hi Elisha. Wow! A lot to deal with!

Hopefully, you are asking your parents or family to help you with this, or can get help from a school counselor, advisor, or (especially) your doctor’s office, or even the Medicaid office directly!!

There should always be a way to APPEAL actions by your insurance, especially Medicaid.

In my case, once the local social services office failed to process my renewal application for Medicaid for 3 months!!! (Crazy for a person with chronic diabetes like me and you!!)

Please seek out help from those I mentioned! You need to have proper medication/supplies for your diabetes!

Also, if course, you can also try your local JDRF office for their assistance. [Others of you on this site have more expertise & experience than I do – please add your helpful suggestions here!?!]

Take care, Elisha, and hang in there!

Hi again Elisha!

I’m new here, and still learning this site…

Needed to edit, but don’t see how, so re-posting a bit with correction & clarification…

“In my case, once the local social services office failed to process my renewal application for Medicaid for 3 months!!! (Crazy for a person with chronic diabetes like me and you!!)”

--During that time, I had more & more problems as I started running out of medications & supplies.  I kept checking to see if my Medicaid insurance had kicked in again. It was a ridiculous, unfair wait!

Ultimately, I had to go the Emergency room and then be admitted to the hospital (just for 1 day) when I totally ran out of insulin.

An $18,000 cost (covered by Medicaid eventually) versus just a few hundred dollars to pay for the insulin they wouldn’t give me - bad use of government funds, if you asked me.

But ultimately, it was just that my Medicaid renewal application was sitting on some desk waiting to be processed [for 3 months!!] by the bureaucracy!

So, please do go directly to Medicaid office or your doctor or counselor to get their help to fix this problem. (In the state we are in, our local Medicaid is even covering people who are non-residents /here without proper legal documents. So, they need to be covering you too!)

Take care, Elisha!:slightly_smiling_face:

Not sure what insulin you take, but on Aug 1st Eli Lilly and Company launched their new Lilly Diabetes Solution Center. It’s a helpline meant to assist diabetics with insulin affordability issues. They’re open from 9 am to 8 pm (ET) and you can reach them by calling 833-808-1234. Might be worth a try.

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I don’t know where you live. Most medicaid paid you insulin and even insulin pump and supply. [edited by moderator]

Baby I’m sorry to hear that I wish your mom would have applied when you were diagnosed. My baby was diagnosed January 23 2018 I applied while in hospital and was approved 2 months later… all I want is if anything happened to me she will be straight! Reapply for Medicaid or go to hospital through Emergency tell social worker to apply for you based on a life threatening illness

HI Elisha, sorry you are having problems. Some of the insulin Mfg. Ie: nova nordisk will supply your insulin for a very low cost. You just have to apply. Check out their web site for instructions. Limited income is required but it may be worth it to fill out the paperwork. Also, my endo switched a lot of her patients to the Walmart brand- u-100 regular insulin is $25.00 , nph is the same price a bottle and the only difference is that it takes a little longer to start working. Used it in my pump and also as an injection. Couldn’t tell any diff. No prescription needed and basically it works just as well as the other expensive brands. Used this for40 + years before the other stuff came out. Doc. switched her patients because of the high cost of the others… Hope this helps. Bye jan

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Contact either your State Governor’s office [that have a staff of people who help Citizens with problems like this, people exactly like you]. Explain you take insulin and can die without receiving it. I take it that you have a disability because of additional medical diagnosis’s and that is why you are receiving SSI. Hopefully they can get your case looked at immediately. OR, contact your United States Senator’s office and ask for help. They also have a staff of workers to help Citizens. In the meantime, go to your Dr office and see if they will give you a sample bottle[s] to tide you over.

i would try calling Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. I know they have an office in all major cities. It does not hurt to try. Good Luck.


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If u have facebook there are type 1 diabetic pay it forward groups also try calling your doctor explain the situation and see if he has any sample supplies he or she can give u