No more insurance

I have no more insurance because my mom just lost her job. I am in school and trying to see if I can get a plan through my schoo. I don't qualify for public aid because I'm over 19. Does anyone have any ideas that can help please?

If you have free clinics in the area or a hospital that participates in public help, you go through a financial screening where you state your employment status, income, etc and then they approve or not based on your application. 

yeah thanks, i heard about that earlier...should this help cover my medications as well?

It should.  They usually have a pharmacy program in addition to being seen by physicians.

You need to act fast, at least in America there is a ruling that if you go over 2 months without insurance, your next carrier can ignore your preexisting conditions for a year. Your mom's job may allow you to extend insurance through a COBRA plan...I'm not sure when and where COBRA applies.  School insurance is normally good, but mine doesn't cover eye exams or physicals.  Contact the provider and tell them you need to join through a qualifying event (losing previous insurance).

When I was in college I also lost my health insurnace due to my father leaving. I remember that the school covered all doctor's visits as long as I went to their clinic and got a referral first. For blood tests, I did them through the school and they were covered. I also had to contact each company that provided me with medical supplies, i.e. Lilly for insulin. On the various company's websites they have forms or people to contact for assistance. After you get a form you have to fill it out and have it signed by the doctor stating the need for meds and (in my case) the approve it and send you a three month supply. As I recall you have to renew the free meds every three months using the same process. Feel free to reach you to me directly if you need any help.

I'm sorry to hear about your situation, it is hard to be diabetic and not have any insurance. Depending on what state you live in some states like NY have plans for people who don't have a large income. I would look into that in Ny i think its called healthy new york insurance or something along those lines and is funded by the state. I hope you can find something!

Hi Miss Lena,

So sorry to hear about your situation, my daughter is type one and I cannot imagine her not having her supplies.  I work with a company that may be able to help you on two fronts.  First of all your supplies check out US Diabetic:

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Ameriplan offers a number of flexible health care packages to assist families and individuals who have no insurance or who are underinsured.  We use them in addition to our regular insurance because it fills in all of the gaping holes in coverage that we were left with. (Vision, Dental, Chiropractic, Prescriptions, etc)
Ameriplan is NOT insurance, there is no limits, pre-approval, paperwork or waiting period to use their plans.  They are a discount program.

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Thanks so much to everyone who has been trying to help me. This is a very stressful time for me...I'm looking into all the plans a.s.a.p. Tomorrow I'm going to my doctor to see if there's anything she can work out with me. She's been helping me for so long I really hope I can continue to see her.