Need new pump that works with CGM

I have been using a Medtronic insulin pump for the last 28 years of the 35 I have been a type one diabetic. I am currently using the paradigm with the Dexcom CGM. I do not want to use the Medtronic 670 because their CGM’s are painful. Does anyone have experience with other brands of pumps that are compatible with the decks calm CGM?

@synstokesyahoo-com medtronic integrates the guardian CGM directly into the pump. you are using a paradigm pump but your DEX needs a separate receiver to read blood glucose. you can do that with any pump including the new 670. The 670 in manual mode is exactly like your paradigm in every way., and nothing is stopping you from continuing to use the Dex CGM.

you can also use a Tandem t’slim or omnipod… and a separate receiver for the Dex CGM.

good luck.

Thank you Joe. I thought that the MM670 required use of the MM CGM which from past experience was very painful. I am currently using the Dexcom with their receiver but thought it would be nice to have everything on one screen. I may try the Tandum. I’m not sure how stable the company is since it is not the tried and true Medtronic/MiniMed.


Medtronic is the only integral CGM and only works with the Medtronic version. The G3 is different than the other guardian CGM… I can’t tell if it’s going to hurt more or less.

Nobody else is putting the CGM directly on the pump. You’ll need the receiver and/or the smartphone application to display CGM data if you use DEX. cheers good luck.

Everyone needs to consider the Tandem t:slim. I switched from Medtronics last year to the t:slim and I could not be happier. The t:slim integrates with the Dexcom g5. It is not a closed loop system. The Dexcom g5 is awesome. The Tandem pumps are awesome too.

I use a Tandem t:slim x2. It shows the Dexcom results and graph on the pump. I highly recommend it.

Joe, That’s not true. The Tandem t:slim x2 places the receiver on the pump.

baruch Brian
February 21
I use a Tandem t:slim x2. It shows the Dexcom results and graph on the pump. I highly recommend it.

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@baruch. @davisbutler Thanks for the update!. I just can’t keep up with the new specs !

Yes, the T-Slim [upgradable] with G5 looks great, checked it out recently and liked the audible alert. But Medicare wants me to use my current pump for at least one year after warranty expires.

That may be good news because the new Tandem and the new G6 are in final approval testing - they are designed from the beginning to work together and “words that have slipped out” say they are awesome.

Omnipod all the way. I have a dexcom and an omnipod, there is an app for your phone you can use the dexcom with. Omnipod is wireless.

Hi Ona-Marie @oasbury,
Does the Dexcom communicate directly with OmniPod? will your system automatically suspend basal when your BG is dropping sharply?
I want a system that will work without my intervention when I alone.

Good Morning,
I have only ever used Medtronic and have had my Dexcom for the past 3 years with no problems at all. My daughter has a T-Slim and likes it but does not like the way she has to fill the reservoir. Seems to be more tedious than the simple reservoir I use with my pump. We have found that all 3 companies are wonderful to work with and they are very helpful if you have questions or concerns.

You probably need the Medtronic. I used one for years but the omnipod has turned my BS around where I don’t have major drops it runs 24 hours a day for three days then I change it, never have to disconnect which has kept my blood sugars more stable. I use the app on my phone for dexcom and have it set to alarm when my BS gets to 90 but I have been fighting for 13 years with BS in the 40s. Each person is different you need to get one that you are comfortable with

My son is 13…he has a tandem tslim pump which he loves and wears a dexcom g5 sensor…

We are in need of a new pump soon and among the many animas ping users. From what I have read the medtronic feature that auto suspend basal to prevent predictable lows. If it works, it would be very useful for my son at 2 yrs old. His needs change often, where he can go days on a temp redux of 20-30%. every couple months.

We use a G5 CGM but by no means married to it. The software around it is mediocre at best.

We need a system that has a remote delivery options and having remote monitoring of BG is also a must which the G5 provides. Is it true that the mm630 has remote monitoring, but no remote bolus, but the mm530 has remote bolus but no remote monitoring?

The Tslim bag reservoir system seems awkward, and I’m just not sure about how to practically keep it charged when connected to a 2yr old.

Our Endo has suggested the Omnipod, though it seems somewhat large to be attached, and I’m not so happy about have not having back up bolus delivery option. The contact-detach methods are more practical with spy belts for the devices.

I’ve seen a few comments on other threads that the guardian CGM “hurts”. Is this physical pain?

Can the mm630 in manual work with a contact detach infusion set without the guardian as a fall back and just use the g5?

Yes. It is physical pain. Going in it felt like being stabbed by a harpoon. My DNE agreed and she is also Type. I even sometimes had to rip it out because of pain. Once that was done, it was $100 down the drain.

agree with @synstokesyahoo-com it sure can be physical pain from the CGM. The sensor is longer than the cannula of an infusion set and it can be painful. I also get pain from infusion sets too close to muscle. @t1dson your son will probably be very vocal about a set or cgm sensor hurting.

yes the mm 630g can use multiple and different infusion sets “Pro” “Mio” “Quickset” " Silhouette" and “Sure-T”. the pump is just a pump in manual mode, like all of the others… there is nothing stopping you from using the G5 but it will not integrate and is not available as a substitute for “auto mode” feedback.

I used to have the Dexcom G5, and now I have the Minimed 670G with the new Guardian 3 sensors. I never tried previous Medtronic sensors.

In my experience, the new Medtronic CGM insertion is much less painful than the Dexcom. It would be great if you could get a test drive!

Hi Synthia,
I just found your post and in the same spot you were in. I currently use a Medtronic pump with the Dexcom CGM and am tired of having to carry around two devices. I’m wondering which option you decided to go with? I’m about to get the upgrade to the Dex g6 and am thinking of getting a T-slim pump. Please let me know what you decided and how it has worked out.

Pam K.