Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pump with Dexcom 5 CGM user opinions?

I have used an insulin pump to manage my diabetes for over fifteen years. I am currently using an ACCU-Chek Spirit Combo pump with Humalog, an ACCU-Chek Aviva Combo meter, and a Dexcom G4 Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM). The ACCU-Chek Spirit pump has been discontinued, so I am considering a new pump and CGM system. I am considering the Tandem t:slim X2 insulin pump with the Dexcom 5 CGM.

I am interested in hearing from Tandem t:slim X2 pump users regarding your experience with the t:slim X2 pump and the Dexcom 5 CGM.

I have both the G5 and X2 and I love them. The X2 can be updated and they have already integrated the pump and GGM in the last update. I am new to the CGM and to pumping, but been diabetic for over 27 years and it has changed my life. Check out videos on YouTube. They are very informative.

Hi @Melvant73,
Thanks for the feedback. My girl wants to move to a CGM. She has had a t:slim X2 for about a year now, but she’s having trouble with keeping her bg even.

It is a constant struggle, but the CGM really makes it easier. I wish her the best.

Thank you, Melinda. I appreciate receiving your comments.

I’ve been T1 for 15 years. I had been using Medtronic CGMs and they were not worth the hassle. I switched to the Dexcom G5 and it is INCREDIBLE! I am in love with it! It’s incredibly accurate, you can make dosing decisions off of it, and its durable! With the Medtronic CGMs I would bump it the wrong way and it would either fail or give me inaccurate readings; plus, it was painful to insert and I had to prick my finger anytime it gave me a reading. My Dexcom is tolerable of just about every physical activity and it doesn’t hurt to insert! I highly recommend it. It has made my life easier to manage diabetes.

Hello there,
My daughter is 7 and has the t slim and g5.
We love it
It’s amazing
Always accurate and so easy for my daughter
Bolus is simple and the pump is so user friendly she understands it :slight_smile:i highly recommend this pump and com!

If you have any questions feel free to contact us!
Good luck

The integration works well. The t:slim X2 replaces the Dexcom receiver, but CGM levels and history can still be managed with a smartphone – simultaneously.

The integration isn’t perfect, though.

From my brief use, the integration seems very basic. I can’t see any way to have bolus events, exercise, or carbs appear in Dexcom Clarity reports, The most surprising gap is that current CGM blood glucose (BG) level do not appear on the pump when calculating a correction bolus. Instead, it has to be entered manually. This is such an obvious integration point that I had to go back to the User Manual and web site to be sure there wasn’t some setting I had missed. Hopefully, Tandem will correct this gap in the next software update.

I previously had an Animas Vibe and the t:slim X2 is a much better pump and the G5 integration, while not perfect, works and I have confidence Tandem will continue to improve it.

Are you pretty sure that “most surprising gap” is not a result of Politics?
Recall that during approval process by FDA and also the approval process for Medicare beneficiary reimbursement that the Dexcom people emphasized that glucose levels in instlacial fluids, rather than the glucose levels on blood [BG], should be the wave of the future. To have an automatic insertion of BG in the bolus calculation would significantly weaken the Dexcom position.

Certainly having a BG reading by fingerstick will give comfort to many PWD especially while adjusting to the new [CGM] mentality.

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Hi it sounds like you have the same set up for pump and cgm that we are about decide on. My daughter is soon to be 7 and likes to do gymnastics and swim etc. How are you guys doing with the tubing? I assumed we would try to get an omnipod but then found out the tslim works with the dexcom. I need to do more research and meet with the nurse to go over it. I feel like it will be a hard sell to my daughter with the tubing. How is your daughter liking it, was it hard to introduce it to her?

Hi Katie @smith2017, tubing can be arranged for almost any activity - maybe you will need to be creative. The t-slim is thinner than my MiniMed and could be tucked inside must costumes together with all tubing as long as your daughter doesn’t use arms or legs for infusion sites. I once met a ballerina who wore her pump that way. I don’t remember how deep or how long the t-slim can be under water but it can safely be removed for swimming - I always take my pump off when swimming.
I also have a couple of pocket belts I’ve used for my pump [one also is large enough to hold my G5 reader] that I’ve worn during surgery. I just make sure that my infusion site is on my abdomen where the belt will protect any tubing that isn’t tucked in the pocket; and it doesn’t interfere with tubes and sensors placed on my body by the medical people.