Neck sweats

What an odd question I know! Does anyone else have any issues with sweating on or around their neck? I break out in sweat for no apparent reason and more so when I eat (we are talking anything and everything to eat- sweet, spicy, salty, bland). I'm totally freaked out. Being a woman I just assume it's hormonal, but it keeps getting worse. I just read something online that it can be tied to Diabetes and circulation and nerves. My thyroid has been tested at each Dr's apt and has come back questionable on two and normal on every other test so I'm not sure if it is a thyroid issue. I just hope I can find out what it is and get it to stop. I'm so annoyed of it.

I appreciate your help.

I sweat after I eat oatmeal. I hope that helps. I know it doesn't. But I hope it does.

I blame allergies on stuff like that :-/

I saw my doctor yesterday and she is testing me for Valley Fever. I guess there is a correlation between the two?