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so I know this isn’t really a topic, but i don’t have much interactions with diabetics (except my great aunt who also has it) I was diagnosed 3 months ago and I’ll be 20 in August. it hit me . hard. I went into my doctors office with all the symptoms and left 3 hours later with insulin , a meter and a zillion questions. my first endo visit made me cry, so did my meeting with my diabetic educator. I cry every time and probably will. I don’t feel bad for myself or ashamed, but the worst feeling in the world is sitting in front of someone explaining to you how to take care of yourself. it’s not a college lecture, or instructions for putting together a book shelf. you HAVE to listen because no matter how well you take care of yourself or how many years go by, it’ll be with you. you’re not in control. so you’re telling me I can eat the same meals everyday for a month and still have different sugar readings? i have always been in control of my life , I have always been able to deal with whatever it threw at me. I was born with 9 fingers (give or take how you look at it ) and Was constantly teased throughout middle and high school. I’m a tough cookie, but this makes me feel so alone and angry. my sister tells me “you’re so obsessed with it” well, yeah, I have to be.

I completely get what your dealing with; I was diagnosed with T1D a month before I turned 18, about a year and a half ago now. I was the drum captain of my high school and pretty well known; so when I returned after a weeks absence in the hospital I was bombarded. Having to explain the same painful thing (physically and mentally as you know) over and over it got to me; I had the nicest guidance councilor tho, so there where days I would end up in her office just completely broken down. I have learned explaining it extravagantly and amusingly helps get through it, almost like a performance. Personally I don’t remember a lick of what was said in any of my initial appointments with anyone except how to shoot up and check my blood really. Which bit me in the ass cause the girl I dated all of high school dumped me that year also and my blood sugar went uncontrollable for about three days straight and I didn’t know why, and it turns out it was all from the emotions which I was told in a previous appointment, but, as I said before it really didn’t help. I know two T1Ds one is my diabetic educator the other is a very nice girl my age. We where instructors for a band camp I noticed her meter, turns out we had the same one, but neither of us openly wanted to say we where T1D’s because we didn’t wanted to be judged or seen as different, and we actually got it at the same time in our lives, it was freaky but calming. My family knows nothing about how it works, I have learned a lot about it myself out of necessity, but what kills me is that they nag me about it and know nothing about it; then they try to tell me I am wrong, but I guess its just how that’s going to be. I have live though a lot of death and abuse with my family thus far, I gave up a lot of my childhood out of necessity; and personally I am not letting diabetes slow me down. I am a backpacker, a kayaker, a long boarder, a windsurfer, a drummer, an eagle scout and so much more; it just so happens I also got the diabetes, so what. Be strong, think strong, I know you are strong and if you need anything I am sure we could get in touch some how. peace.

Hi @gsposato,

Welcome to TypeOneNation!

You have definitely come to the right place. We all completely understand everything you have been going through. Taking care of yourself is HARD WORK! It’s funny that you made an analogy to college lectures because you are so right, you may not necessarily have to listen to all things about 50 years ago but, when it comes to life and death you need to do everything in your power to stay healthy. So you will listen to every word your team of medical professionals tell you.

It sounds like you are a pretty strong person and you will do fine. Try not to get upset with siblings. I remember when I was first diagnosed my sister looked at me and cringed when I gave myself my first shot. It really upset me but, she got used to it rather quickly. Like you, your siblings and family/friends need to learn too. It takes a little longer for them to understand what you go through but, eventually they get it.

If you ever need to chat we are here to help support you!

~ Gina