You're Not Alone! I understand

Hello! My name is Autumn, and I’m a T1D (Type 1 Diabetic) female and was diagnosed at 9 Months old. I used to hate myself with my diabetes and was extremely depressed about all my “limitations” especially during middle school and high school but I’ve overcome all that hate and self pity and now I embrace my disease because it didn’t have to define who I am despite it having a huge role in my life. If anyone is struggling with dealing with this lifestyle, feel free to contact me! Doesnt matter if you’re a newly diagnosed diabetic or have had it for years, all are welcome :innocent:

Hi Autumn!

My name is Cassidy and I am 13 years old I got diagnosed when I was 6 I am in Middle school now and sometimes just feel very different than others I would really like to get to know some other people who have experienced and worked around have Type 1 diabetes and grow closer to some others! I would love to hear from you sometime soon!


Hey Autumn. Just like Cassidy, I’m 13 and was diagnosed as a young child (7 years old). I’m In 8th grade and I feel so left out because all the other students are participating in parties and other fun activities. I don’t like feeling left out. And it’s not only parties but sports as well. My diabetes scedule is too busy and my blood sugars are too crazy! Any advice on how to not feel so left out?

hello autumn!! I am a t1d child’s mom, I have days, very stressed, depressed, I see that we are many parents, we have the same thing, but I feel lonely, I do not know what to do to be able to manage things, I feel very frustrated and sad