Medtronic Supplies

Happy Thursday Everyone,

My x2 will arrive tomorrow. :grin:

With that being said, I will no longer have a need for the Medtronic Supplies that I have on hand.

I was looking to donate them to the program out here in California, but wanted to check in with you all to see if anyone was interested in them first.

Please flag/remove if not allowed.

Pink Mio’s all in one infusion sets 6mm Cannula (boxed and unboxed)
Guardian Sensors (unboxed, sealed)
Medtronic Reserviors (boxed, unboxed/sealed)

Also, I have Apidra that I no longer use. Not comfortable with shipping, but can someone advise if the program will accept them? Sorry for all the questions, kinda new at this.

Thank you

good luck on the new x2 @ANC8495 Amber,

while you must be careful with resale of Rx items, people have given them away here before and I don’t think it’s a problem.

insulin should be given to clinics, or hospitals or even maybe endo’s, because it’s hard to ship correctly without it freezing or letting it warm up too much.

cheers and thank you for your generosity and kindness.

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Hi Joe,

Sorry, i didn’t clarify. No reselling here.

IF someone is in need then it’s theirs. I’ve been on the rough end and I know how it is around the holiday season. I only ask for shipping should anyone wish to take it. Other than that, I may I have to pay a disposal fee :frowning:

Thank you for clarifying as well as your kind words. :blush:

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You can’t legally give them to someone else either.

I’ve seen otherwise on the forum and I’ve advised the admins to flag or delete if not allowed.

Thank you.

There no dispute on this. It is against the law to sell or give away supplies that require a prescription. It doesn’t matter what you’ve read on forums.

I’ve submitted this for removal Jason. Not sure what your problem is with me, but it’s evident my post didn’t pertain to you, so ignoring it would have been great.

Haven’t seen your comments on any other donation posts - so again, not sure what about my post sparked your interest.

Have a great rest of your day and holiday season.

You were told by a mod that selling supplies that require a prescription is illegal. I simply pointed out it is against the law to give them away as well. Your whole diatribe that I’m attacking you is ridiculous.

Hi @ANC8495 and @Jason1. The last thing anyone wants is for T1N members to be angry with each other.

The idea of giving away unused supplies to folks who presumably have a script has been ok with this site in the past. The idea of selling stuff never is ok and when this “sale” kind of post comes up the post and users get deleted. Problem solved.

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Hi! How many Guardian Sensors do you have and what is the expiration date? Thank You. @ANC8495